1989 Toyota Camry Performance mod tips?

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  1. I have a silver 1989 Toyota Camry LE...perfect condition. I've been told theres not much to do to this car performance wise to make it faster but i also heard there are a lot of parts from others cars that match this one. Anyways, i dont know much about the car so maybe some of you can give me some tips on what to do to this car first to maybe make it faster...any mod ideas let me know! I know this isnt the tuner type of car but its what i have right now. keep in mind i dont have a high budget...my paychecks are around 4-500 so no crazy ideas lol. thanks.
  2. why even waste time and money on it? just save your money for a car you can and will want to tune/modify.
  3. so what do you suggest i do? sell it for a tune-able car?
  4. 3sgte + e153 5sfe trans = win

  5. A cold air intake and hedder exhaust system would fit that budget and improve your fuel economy.

    Careful though-Great way to find a weak spot is mod some high mileage engine.
  6. I was thinking about a cold air intake system..was wondering where i could get one for a good price...could i find one at autozone thats compatible with the 89 camry?
  7. If you just want to give it a nice tune up so you can drive it, change the oil/oil filter, get a new distributor cap/rotor, new spark plugs, spark plug wires, pcv valve, air filter, and maybe run some stp injector/carb cleaner through your engine. Do that and it should be fine.
  8. Don't mod it. Touch it up and make it a reliable daily driver. Then save up for a project and have a nice dd while you build the car you want.
  9. I dont think there is much available for that model and year. Most of what you will find done is will be custom im sure. You could probably find an intake and headers for it but It would not be worth it imo. Clean it up, maybe get some nice wheels and use it as a daily driver while you save for something more upgrade friendly.
  10. Google it dude.

    You are going to find things cheaper on the internet than anywhere..

    read performance reviews...

    Ebay is a great outlet for parts!
  11. Why... just why.

    Drive it normally, like anybody else would an 89 toyota camry.
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    because he wants to..

    why not?

    Let the guy have some fun. Some the most unique cars are the unexpected.

    Why do some crowds put G's into making 1980 era caprice boats absolute eye candy?

    Answer the dudes question :).
    Getter done, if thats what you wanna do i've dumped $$ into a homelite riding lawn mower ffs :D




    If you do anything at all, spend $300 bucks and take these guys up maybe... dont know how well they do but its the right idea!
  13. I'd dump a fuck load of money into something worth while like a Caprice, or a Cutlass.. a Camry? Not so much. Anyways I have no input here so I won't stand around being a dick!

  14. Yah but the reality of the situation is this guy has a toyota camry..

    caprice, olds, any v8 isn't economical in todays world :|

    And I used to say I don't consider it an engine unless there atleast 4 cylinders per bank :)
  15. too bad its not an '89 Toyota Cressida... worth it!
    this one was built by a guy in my city (Houston), Asad.

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    wait let me get this straight your puttin money into 1989 Camry to make it go faster!?!

    what the fuck is the point? to make it keep up with the honda civics HAHAA

    I got 02 camry xle v6 and I wouldnt in my wildest dreams ever put performance money into that thing its just a great daily driver not a racer..

    The camrys you see on nascar are alittle different than ours brojam

  17. Performance "money" will improve overall efficiency and the MPG for that daily driver..
  18. And decrease the reliability.
  19. just drive the damn thing and spend the money on gas. i drive a tercel and if you don't fuck with the car and take proper care of it, it will last you. for fun i drive a jetta chipped 1.8t or my 85 cutlass with a 442. make sure the engine/car is worth upgrading before you waste your money.

  20. false.

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