1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SL Drifting (Two angles)

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  1. Don't forget to watch in HD!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoNOvLc3gR0&feature=g-crec-u]Sliding around in the parking lot... - YouTube[/ame]
  2. is this the right forum? or do i post it in video/film? jeezus,
  3. it's the right forum, i wouldn't have found it in another one :p

    awesome video! I should've got some videos of my jeep in the rain with 3 wheels spinning (no lsd in the front, so only 3 not 4).
  4. Haha word, yeah i have an open diff as well, when i was going around that pole, one of my rear tires caught grip. I wanted to go around it a couple more times, but there were people watching didn't wanna cause a scene.

    Also, thanks for watching....stay tuned for more gopro videos :)
  5. Should've given them a show :D

    And yeah, open diffs can give you a good scare when fucking around like that.

    I've watched all the videos so far! ;)
  6. i slide my FC, i'll see if i can get pics of it before my Apex seals went out, lol
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    Yay! Glad you like the vids, or do u? lol. I have a feeling they mightve called the cops.

    If they were some teenagers, then yea

    Want Videos.
  8. i got videos of my buddy sliding his Silvia Club-Q, his car is gorgeous...just needs an RB25DET, lol.
  9. Post em!
  10. he took them down off facebook, not sure why, but here's what it looks like. It's a 100% legit Silvia.

  11. Oh yeah, I like the vids :p makes me want to go out and do the same, but I'll more than likely end up in wreck #2 if I do. I learned that Jeeps aren't for drifting/sliding...

    And that makes sense, I would've probably done the same in that case.
  12. Dude ur the only person (besides myself) that has a 560sl haha. I have a white 1989 560. Check out my username.
  13. ha its 90% legit if it's not right hand drive!

    Haha, just wait for the snow! Then go around in a parking lot so u dont wreck! I like to just figure out a fun layout for the parking lot.

    OMG! that's what's up man. Nice choice....got any pics? Btw.. u have the rarest year! i was just talking to this other website about how these cars don't get any love! lol....u must be hurting watching these videos though =\ lol

    don't worry she takes it like a CHAMP!

  14. Haha i'll race you in Gran Turismo 5!
  15. Im getting it real soon so yeah, deff man
  16. Lol if you can still read this add me on PSN, spiffydeezy
  17. He cant read it, hes banned cuz hes a freshman in high school and trolled the whole site
  18. oh, it's 100% legit, even has the confetti seats which are rare as fuck

  19. :laughing:
    oh shit! nice!!

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