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1980's Toker 2 - Anyone...??

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by BudStoned, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. There used to be a Bong that was called a TOKER... Then they made some changes to it.. and came out with a Toker 2 ( I think the 2nd Toker was just a little bigger )...


    Does anyone remember these little bad boys...???

    It was my favorite bong... handy... easily cleaned... hit like Mike Tyson...

    I have been searching far and wide for one of these babies.. and I can't believe they don't make them any more.... no one has picked up the "design" of the bong and went with it... they just stopped making them altogether...

    I can't even find anything that slightly resembles it... not on eBay or anywhere...

    I guess I am simply out of luck...

    Too bad... they were great little bongs and tough as hell... so sad that they just went by the wayside...

    :rolleyes: I guess it will only live on in the memories of my youth...
  2. Find pics. If it was from the 80's it probably wasn't too "advanced", you could probably find someone who could blow a very similar replica of it.
  3. Hey I did find a Picture...

    From this page::
    That page is worth a look even if it is for the first glass pipe the guy shows....

    Now that was CLEAR GLASS... so the guy is not one to CLEAN much...

    Know any glass blowers that would create one for me...???


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  4. Just seeing pictures of it makes me drool (just wish that one was nice and clean)

    Those were sooooo EASY to clean... and they hit like a six foot glass bong....
    Small and easily stashable... just an all around good bong... nothing fancy... way before the days of the big fancy glass...ROOR etc...

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    This is HILARIOUS...

    There is no way you could clear that bong without getting stale smoke...

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  6. Kind of.. but a little small...
    Sadly... I will probably never smoke out of a Toker again...
  7. Lets go back to the late 70's....Spokane, to Warden, kept one in my 70 Cougar, one at home, always had 3,4, stems (glass) for back ups... winter time used snow, (cool hits)... 1st one I had you had to pull the top rubber stopper for the carb...then they came out with the hole in front....they maded the mini toker also...must have had at least 13 of them...cried when I heard each one of them break... played Led Zep each time I laid one to rest....Good Luck in finding one...may as well be looking for the 67 GT Mustang with low miles.....CB
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    The Toker 2 was a softball sized borosilicate glass(pyrex) bong w/ a 4" flared tube coming up @ a 35-40* angle from the ball. The ball had a flat on the bottom for stability.
    On the front of the bong was a 6-8mm carb hole. The glass stem was held in place w/ a rubber stopper on the top...
    The Mini-Toker was of the same design but smaller....about the size of a baseball or tennis ball. The Mini Toker had a 2 holed rubber stopper that held the glass stem & a small glass carb insert.

    Ok.. Here it is The Toker 2


    the vintage toker 2 If you still have all the original parts, It could bring I nice price.
    1 It was made in the 70's
    2 many have falling in the line of duty, and have been broken
    3 and the big factor is there is nothing like Instrument Research Corporation's line of products. and oh yea..almost everyone wants them. I know I do.. (Hint Hint)
  9. budstoned,
    bring the above post to a glassblower on etsy,
    im sure they could duplicate it ! =)
  10. Haha I kinda want a GonG Toker replica.:bongin:
  11. Shit, now I want one.
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    I had one of these, used to call it the flash
    I still have the rubber parts and the stem/bowl sadly the toker itself is in that great head shop in the sky....I actually have some 20+ year old milkshots somewhere using this fucker...were selling our house and moving so most of my shit is in boxes but now i gotta look for it.
  13. Holy shit I have a hand held acrylic bong designed in a very similar way
  14. Damn, Bought a very sad remake/imitation. Can't get the ice cubes down the neck like we used to do w/the original's. Loved being able to put the thing in the dish washer and it would come out clean and sparkly. Never broken while cleaning. Was always some dumb ass that knocked it over on the coffee table or dropped it...
  15. I know there are some VERY similar bongs made out of ceramic in the GC shop...you might want to check them out
  16. I bought one in 1980 and still use it. I love this thing. Back in the 70s, High Times said this was the one to use. Said it did the best job. I know one day it will break but until then....Onward through the fog!!!
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