198 Methods of Nonviolent Protest and Persuasion

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  1. How did Ghandi do it?
    How did MLK jr. do it?
    How will WE do it?
    198 Methods of Nonviolent Protest and Persuasion

    It's possible to make these changes. If we don't get a hero to step up to the plate for us, we must do it ourselves. If enough grassroot pro-cannabis groups start up and spread out then the political leaders will start to look foolish. Let's each focus on our homes and cities, then look to the states and nation.

    Forget for a second that it LOOKS like they are doing it with hate and malice. Forget that is really looks like a big conspiracy on a massive scale. Isn't it more likely that governments are just plain dumb and slow? Anyway, I plan to talk some things over with some friends and see if we can't pick one of these methods to create some protests. I liked the idea of a mock award ceremony.

    Let's flood the world with protest content. Publish on youtube if you can. Hell, if ghandi can drag a shit ton of people to make some salt then we can surely swarm our courthouses with peaceful protests.

    Not that I'm considering this, but can you imagine if 500 people showed up at a courthouse and all simultaneously lit up some pipes on the front steps? I know our jail couldn't handle half that.

    Calling the local media is a good idea for stuff like this.
  2. Wow man, I've been looking for something like that!
    That's awesome. Thanks for posting it!! :hello:
  3. Sticky this! I was browsing a thread the other day in which several people were advocating violent protest, and I eventually began pondering the alternatives, traced to Ghandi, and then realized I knew nothing about his methodology.

    Unfortunately, that was all thought while falling asleep, and I just now remembered it when I saw you magnificent thread. Which is why I responded with such enthusiasm, and wholly support making this a "sticky"!

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