192 CFM room. 160 CFM fan. 220 CFM filter. OG Kush, Blue Widow. Do I need upgrade?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hempton44, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. 6x4x8 room (192 CFM), with a 160 CFM fan and a 220 CFM carbon filter exhausting outside the grow room. Growing six plants. (2. Lemon OG Kush, (1. NLBlue, (1. Kandy Kush, (1. Vanilla Kush, (1. Blue Widow. Would this fan/filter be enough to kill the odor of these plants or should I upgrade to 6" fan? Are there any good DIY filter setups you know about? I can spend about $50 more on odor control. I raped my original budget of $500. Wasn't trying to spend as much as I did.. but I'm trying to do it right the first time, so discretion and security is key. I was thinking about making like 10 carbon filter packs and putting them inside my ducting. Would this help? Does anyone have any experience with these strains? Do they have that distinctive weed smell or do they smell fruity and or piney? I read Lemon OG smelled like pinesol.. NL barely had any smell at all.. Kandy/Vanilla Kush smelled subtly fruity.. but White widow could smell up a block.. That's my biggest fear. Although it's crossed with blueberry, I'm still nervous..​


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