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19 yrs old

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by b-legit, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. celebrating with a zip of this dynamite already 9-10 bowls deep of this shit rippin it through my phx and sapping coronas with my boys while playin call of duty haha solid
    cheers from cali
  2. Happy birthday! enjoy that nice bud
  3. happy birthday! bud looks flame
  4. nice buds enjoy! happy birthday
  5. Happy Budday enjoy!!nice post time!!
  6. happy birthday, mine was saturday, i woulda been doing the smae with a half zip, but my roomate who was gonna pick it up, decided he was going to bring it home with him for the weekend instead of giving it to me!

    enjoy your bud, sorry for the rant.
  7. amazing bud, and nice milkshot!

    Happy birthday
  8. haha enjoy the youth and that fire ass bud. i woulda taken a mgd myself but corona is good too.
  9. nice but happy b-day bro
  10. happy birthday man, sounds like a good night to me :)
  11. thats how you should celebrate... happy bday.. :smoking::wave:

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