19 year old virgin, no girlfriends... help

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  1. I'm just gonna come clean, I'm 19 years old and I'm a virgin.... I've made out with chicks, I dance with some girls at the club when I go with my buddies, but I've never had a girlfriend in my life and I've never fucked a girl. I've been told I'm good looking, I think I'm good looking but I have no confidence at all approaching girls outside of a club or party environment. 
    I go to a college so there's tonnes of hot girls, but girls rarely make moves on guys, it works the other way around. I tell myself that I'm gonna go and talk to girls, but in the situation I just end up backing out thinking "No way she likes me or thinks I'm cute". I just cant get out of that mindset... I don't know why I think like that. I'm like 6 feet 1, I dress nicely, I'm not overweight.... But fuck, I just psyche myself out to the point where I've never even been on a date or had a girlfriend. I feel like girls think I'm ugly even though I don't think that when I look in the mirror. Maybe I just needed to vent, but what the fucks wrong with me? 

  2. Stop trying so hard, Work on yourself and the right girl will come along.
  3. damn you just shamed everyone from toronto.
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    Damn a fellow Toronto nigga needs my help.... I don't know what to really say besides the fact that you gotta put yourself out there. You say you haven't had a date before, but is that because you get turned down or because you never make the effort to ask a girl? Maybe it's rejection you're afraid, something that almost every guy goes through, something I really struggled with in high school. But you have to realize that rejection doesn't mean shit..... if a girl turns you down, who gives a fuck? You're not gonna see that broad ever again, so why does it matter? Once you get used to the idea that rejection doesn't mean shit (Like vitaly, Simple Pickup, guys on YouTube) you'll start going on tonnes of dates and hooking up with broads. Chin up man!
  5. Just stop giving a fuck. If you want it go and get it.
  6. Be yourself and have more confidence.
  7. sucks to be you mang.

    u need a different swag
  8. do it anyway
    i did it and im ugly as shit
  9. This comes to mind -
  10. It's so much easier after your first time.  Dude you need to drop that v-card like a hot potato.  Get liquored up and find a loose girl to get with.
  11. Tao of Badass. Read it. Download it for free from the pirate bay and your eyes will finally open.
  12. Well hey looks like OP and I are twins.
    Except I'll turn 19 in two months.
  13. Or look up "flawless natural"
  14. I'm 20 , I was the same why bro, you gotta work on yourself first and be happy with who you are. I know it sound corny but it's the truth. Once you love yourself the ladies will deff notice and you will be more confident talking to them. My advice get in the gym and work on bettering yourself physically and mentally. Do that and things will fall in place.

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  15. im like that too, and im the same height and got a decent build and know im attractive...but im an overthinker, and introvert, so it makes it hard for me to show my emotions when first meeting a girl, and since i dont show my emotions until i get pretty comfortable being around them ( would half to hang out like 5 or 10 times to get comfortable). So then im on my first date with a girl and i wont show much emotions because im introvert and they end up thinking im not interested but thats not the case if they'd just stick around a little longer then i could get comfortable but then its to late cause they are gone and think i wasnt interested 
  16. 1. get drunk
    2. find drunk girl
    3. "what are you doing after this?"
    4. insert penis into vagina
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    First of all, you NEED to gain some confidence in yourself. Put yourself out there. Bitches WILL reject you. For about a million reasons and half have nothing to do with the way you look. Anyway. All this of this you've heard before. But just know there is nothing sexier than a man who is confident in himself. No matter who he is. Doesn't have to be the best looking guy with the best body. Just a guy who knows he's a catch & any woman would be lucky to have him. Oh, and don't be an asshole. You'll get laid, don't worry. Just don't get desperate. We can smell it a mile away.
  18. Don't stress, just do your own thing and the girls will come. Just stay positive and confident, I fucked for the first time when I was 19 so you're not alone.
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    Was thinking someone came in this forum and made this thread for me.
    EDIT: Though i must say, have faith OP!   Try doing funny stuff like giving girls the eye and smiling,  no success their for me, but it makes things awkward most of the time and i find that funny.  Though i think some girls like it, just idk what to do after lol.

  20. BE an asshole. it works. i've said it before, and i'll say it again..look around you, at the grocery store, at the mall..who are the motherfuckers you see gettin laid? dem 'assholes', dawg.

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