19 inches long--IN A SOLO CUP

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  1. So I don't really have enough room in my tent to fit this into a normal sized pot. It's near 20 inches long. My main concern is it turning male and jizzing all over the females. Can it go full cycle in a solo cup? I can't tell if it's male or female either.

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  2. To early it's just gonna be big

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    It will get bound im sure. Strip it from the bottom and Flower it soon and get a little single cola plant? Lol 50/50 chance it ending up male when you flower. Force that bitch to show lol
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  4. What I"M thinkin' too...lots of others flower this sized plants in the "Sea Of Green" technique with success..
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  5. Remember it can double in size during flowering lol, looks nice tho

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  6. Males are usually tall af(in veg). I had one turn out male, he was the tallest and the youngest with super-cropping as well as lst.

    I'd just put it in darkness for a day or two, then give it 12/12 for a few days... If it's male (from my experience) it will show it's clusters almost instantly.

    Basically I began 12/12 at the same time on all of my plants. They all started pistiling within a few days but the male showed clusters long before anything was crossed.

    In other words, he'll have plenty of time to "call Tyrone" before your ladies arrive.

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