18th Birthday! (Story)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dertyhedproof, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. WOOHOO I'm 18 today! I'm high but i'm startin to get old and it feels...weird, hard to explain but yeah here's my night

    12:00 a.m. this morning-
    went with 2 dudes to pickup a quarter of mids since my dank connects have been having some bad luck. My friend had a dutch and we picked up the weed. At about 12:30 we ended up in the parking lot of a mexican corner store, sketchy as fuck, and i was already stoned so i was paranoid as shit and sure enough a cop passes us, sees us, and does a U-turn, so I get out of the car, leaving the weed and blunt in the car, and go into the mexican mini-mart, trying to act as natural as possible, i bought a pepsi, but the cop was parked next to my car with my friends still in it, and he followed me into the store, then he just stood like 8 feet away from me and I didn't look at him directly once, so after i checked out the pepsi I walked past the cop and went back to the car and BOOKED IT! I was high, so it was a weird/really bad experience. So we smoked the blunt further into the crime infested neighborhood lol.
    Around 1:30 i wanted to excercise my I.D.ing privelages for the first time so i went to the gas station and bought some aLeda king size papers, they burn very nicely too. The fucker didn't even card me, he couldn't even speak english, he didn't know what the fuck was going on around there, so he took 10 minutes (no eggageration) to place my gas order and ring up the fuckin papers. Came home and smoked an invisible doobie for the first time.

    Here's the deal, i don't know what i was talkin about before but i'm gunna roll up an invisible doobie in a couple minutes and post some pictures

    P.S. I hope the admins dont get mad at me for being underage on the boards in the past
  2. you damn kids.

    kidding, happy birthday. want a life lesson from someone older? don't smoke in the areas you described.
  3. happy birthday bro. sounds like a great night. when i turned 18 i was sitting outside the gas station waiting to buy cigarettes.
  4. Happy birthday, bro. That'd trip me the fuck out.
  5. I waited in a gas station parking lot to buy cigarettes and porn, haha.
  6. i went in at 11:50pm and they actually turned me down and said to wait 10 minutes. so i went outside the door. smoked a bowl. smoked a cigarette went back in. 11:59 and they still made me wait.

    they were young girls working it so they just wanted to fuck around with me.

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