18days whats wrong?

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  1. whats wrong wih the plants?
    under 2 125wcfl
    no nutes given, whatever the soil has in it?
    help me pls


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  2. its that even a weed plant?? looks like lettuce
  3. Keep in mind that all plants do not grow at the same rate of speed.
    That's some very strong indica genetics.
    You might also be overwatering.  This will cause stunted growth. 
  4. Yeah I wouldn't necessarily say anything is wrong, the plants are still small. A little bit of yellowing isn't always an issue. This happened a bit to my plants when I first started them right from seed. Once they got more mature it just seemed to filter out and they were a lot healthier.
    If your using tap water it is good to let it sit out a bit before you use it to water, rain water is also great in most areas. 
  5. A lack of air flow stunted growth on my first attempt, in a small space you need to change the air about every 5 min...
  6. This ones not air mate....
  7. great so carry on? no problem? :smoking: :confused_2:
    not overwatering, i am using tap ph 7, i have pc fan exhaust top of box.
  9. ph 6.5 for soil let your water sit for atleast 24-48 hours (dont let it get too chilly)
  10. Where does the fan extract to, you need to get the spent air away from the plants. Otherwise you're just recirculating spent air... Also get some pH down. Makes a big difference...
  11. What was your base medium that you used? Did it have any fertilizer in it already?

    I used a 'hot' mix too, and stunted a few of my girls.

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  12. Plants take patience. After about 3-4 weeks, they really pick up the pace groth-wise.

    They look fine to me.
  13. I wouldn't worry for an o their week or two. I agree with mayor seeds take like 3-4 weeks to really explode. I would say it is likely you are overstating or your container has poor drainage though. Cfl doesn't help your not using a lot of watts. You may think your cfl is a great light source for growing Mary Jane but it sucks. Don't stress though you could always buy a hid or led light setup improve that lighting. Your pc fan for extraction is also sub par. It was meant for a pc a PC not a grow room. Inline fan real light setup better drainage an oscillating fan these are the tools you need to get real growth. You can't expect more than you put into your grow. Give it a cfl and no air you can't bitch when it doesn't grow.
  14. Stop trying to tell people CFLs suck cause you cant grow with them. They work fine
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    They are a waste man, I can grow with them. I started my plants with them. They are not as efficient as hid lighting watt to growing power hid lighting is much better than cfl it's really not even close man. I am not attacking only saying that cfl doesn't have same growth as hid you are kidding yourself if you think that it does. I am going to keep preaching e gospel as well. You keep telling people that Half an OZ while spending the same amount for a watt to get less growth is the cool thing to do. I have read sites saying that cfl is more efficient than hid lighting however same site says that you should add up your cfl watts by the equivalent rating. I know that you can't tell me that's right because it's bs. Every body wants to grow bud nobody wants to build the setup, they all wan to whine when things don't grow. I am simply telling you straight up cfl is the worst way to grow. People use it because they haven't used real hid or they don't have the funds to buy real setups.
    You can't grow bud with one cfl and a dream you just can't. Dreaming doesn't make it real.
  16. the air inside the box gets sucked out into the room so i open a window to keeps temp in check, ph is 6.6, i am using vingear as phdown
    yh the soil was some cheap soil, like 1 dollar. i havent added fert to it but im sure there was some in the soil already.
  17. just over 3 weeks, pots have holes at bottom,
    when i flower i have a better setup for that.

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  18. I use pro-mix to start my seeds and then transplant into my richer soils after they get a leaf or four. Yours appears to have done what mine does during the period after that transplant. It looks like nute burn. At least to me. You have browned, crinkly tips on all your leaves. That's a classic sign of nute burn as well. Try flushing the soil thoroughly, using at least 3-4 times the pot capacity worth of water, to allow most nutes to leech out. That will give the plant a chance to recover. Additionally, I recommend PHing your soil. Get some dolimitic limestone and amend a tablespoon or two to the gallon of water, water with it. 
  19. If you are  extracting the air to room than all that is happening is it's been drawn straight back into the grow area, you need to get the spent air out and FRESH air in. Leaving the window open will not cut it unless there's a gale blowing. Plants need far more air than most people realize, can you put a fan in the window to draw the spent air out of the room?

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