187's second indoor DWC grow LSD & OG Kush & "Master Berry Kush"

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 187Budz, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. Hello GC, back after a tiny break.
    Ready to shake off the bad luck from previous grow, and dial it in a bit.

    4x3x6 DIY insulated grow box
    400w MH & HPS
    4" exhaust inline fan
    Passive intake.
    5g DWC
    5g dirt/coco combo
    Seedling stage
    2 LSD fem (1 bound for outdoor)
    2 OG Kush fem (1 bound for outdoor)
    2 "Master Berry Kush" reg
    (Male Berry Bomb w/ female Master Kush = accidental cross)

    March 17: 7 Seeds went into mugs of water, covered with tin foil and put away for 24 hrs.

    March 18: 7 Seeds went into damp paper towel, placed between 2 plastic plates and put away for 24 hrs.

    March 19: 6 Seeds went into the Jiffy Pellets, placed inside a humidity dome and put away.
    (One MBK didn't make it but guaranteed the seed wasn't fully developed).

    Now we're just waiting on these babies to sprout

    *will not let me post pictures. Hopefully I'll have better luck later.

    For those who don't know me I'm not new to growing but this is only my second time with indoor growing.
    Had some bad luck Lol
    First plant went through cold shock (-5C)
    And I some how got her back to life and thriving just to end up a male.
    Got a few clones last minute and they didn't really grow that much. So I'm back for more abuse.

    400w hid 5G DWC coco Berry Bomb first indoor grow
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  2. My mate had a good crop of the LSD before and it was absolutely stunning missed it growing up so I'll hafto keep an eye on this one instead good luck

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  3. Let's gooooo! Sending good mojo your way for this one.
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  4. Hey, can I pull up a chair and watch quietly? I'm interested to see your LSD growth in the DWC compared to mine in dirt.

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  5. Thanks for the luck JD. Last year I bought the 2 fem LSD and 1 reg Berry Bomb and got the 2 OG for free.
    I've ran the BB first as a test run cause the LSD is what I don't want to mess up (was my first indoor grow). Now that they're finally going I'm stoked.

    Little LSD #1 poking her neck out a bit.

    The 2 OG Kush ladies starting to wake up.

    Was a bit of a bitch to pop the seeds in the pellets this go around cause the roots hooked around the seed so they might be upside down. No worries they'll correct themselves.

    187's second indoor DWC grow LSD & OG Kush & "Master Berry Kush"
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    Pretty good - doing some lighting changes but I'm pretty sure I have reached the final form for my reservoir setup.

    Can't wait to see how you do with your refined box!
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  7. What a difference 24 hrs can make.

    Someone lit a fire under OG Kush 1 & 2 asses.

    The 2 OG's and 1 LSD are now under the light awaiting their friends to join later.

    All three were "transplanted" into solo cups filled with coco.

    I'll label them tomorrow, for now the one with the black pot is the LSD. 20180321_233253.jpg 20180322_234844.jpg 20180323_002501.jpg 20180323_002503.jpg 20180323_002457.jpg

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  8. MBK 2 popped last night.
    Not bad 6 of 7 seeds popped a tap root and 6 of 6 popped out of the soil (peat pellet).


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  9. LSD 1
    Don't mind the yellow tips on the cotyledons. They were trapped in the seed and I tried to leave it to its own accord but I ended up helping it out a bit. Happened a few times this grow. 20180330_231714.jpg

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  10. Some reason I haven't been getting notification on this but I just caught up with it there look grate ✌️
  11. Thank you my good man.
    Yea I haven't gotten any notifications for anything, I just click on the "following" tab.

    Your Friendly neighborhood 187
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  13. Very excited for this grow! I have tried well grown LSD only ONCE and it was amazing. Had a real energetic kick to it, had an ounce of it and never saw the strain again. Rootin for you man cant wait!

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