1800w First time grower - TGA - Jilly Bean

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    Three 600w lamps in three 8" cooltubes hanging over a 3'x9' area within a 10x8 bedroom.
    1 Sub Zero 8" 720 cfm blower controlled by a Hydro Innovations Ice Box Thermostat.
    Hydro Innovations HydroGen propane generator running between 1300-1500ppm
    1200w mh digilux for vegging (just have two fired up)
    1800w hps plantmax when flowering
    5gal. Pots filled with coco, perlite, and hydroton, then the pots are setting in two 4x4 flood trays.
    Using the flood trays to recover runoff into a 5gal bucket below.

    Heavy 16 Grow 2 part
    Advanced Nutrients B-52
    Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice
    Epson salt @ 1/2 teaspoon per gallon
    (using well water at 160 ppm with plenty of calcium in it lol)

    Seedlings got water for the first week once a day
    (all ppm readings are taken with a Bluelab on the 700 scale)
    After the seedling stage they went right into the 5gal. pots.
    Week 1 veg: 600-800ppm - pH 6.0 - runoff 6.2
    Week 2-4 veg: 800-1050ppm - 5.8 - runoff 6.0

    That's where I'm at now and today is day 14 of veg from seed.
    I'll upload some pics of the plants and setup later when I figure how to get them off my phone or how to login using my phone to upload them. lol
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    Okay could not wait lol

    Nov. 1 - Start veg through week 1

    Nov. 8 - Start week 2

    Nov. 10 - Veg for 10 days
  3. Oh I forgot, the chamber is 78-80*F, and 45% RH with the Co2 between 1300-1500ppm.
  4. Better pics using my tablet.
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    14 days veg.
    feeding heavy 16 grow, epson salt, b-52, voodoo juice.
    1050-1150ppm @ 5.8 and feeding them 2 times a day.
    Temp 80-82*F @ 45-55% RH.




    They're drooping a little because I just got done watering them and they just woke up. ;)
  6. feeding tds dropped to 900ppm @ 5.8 ph and still 2 times a day
    runoff 1050-1150ppm @ 6.1 to 6.2 ph
    temp 78-80*F @ 45-55% RH



  7. Nothing environmental changed but they're growth has kicked into high gear.




  8. I guess you think it's worthwhile running CO2 even this early in the grow.
  9. What is this thing in the bottom picture on the left that looks like a microphone hanging above the plant?
  10. Yes, anytime I'm looking for growth I'm giving them Co2.
    I'll cut the Co2 during the 2 week stretch and last week of flowering.

    It's the head of a Sentinel CHHC-4 Environment Controller.

  11. 18 days veg.
    Nothing environmental changed.
    Going to start LST on a couple of them that are over 12" tall.




  12. I like thet set up...im jealous. Gonna tag along to see the yields from those three 600's. Do you have any idea what you'll pull?
  13. Since it's my first grow here in this new house I'm not 100% sure what I'll pull.
    But in the past with the same setup I'd usually pull between 6 Oz to 12 Oz per plant, and 10 Oz plants was an average I shoot for when using organics with coco.

    And also this is a little experiment as well because I'm using nutrients that was setting in a storage shed all summer long.
    A buddy said the nutrients will be bad and I need to replace all of it, which I replied; HOG WASH.

    So with the new place and old nutrients, I'm simply guessing on yeild for this grow.
    But they're dam sure growing fine so far for me using fresh coco and so called bad nutrients! lol

    Thanks for joining in! :wave:
  14. Daily pics.
    Nothing changed environmental.


    Started LST.


  15. Day 20 of veg.
    Did some more LST to them.
    Nothing environmental changed.

  16. daily pic nothing has changed.

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    21 days veg. Starting 3rd week, and all aready showing signs of maturity.
    Nothing environmental has changed.
    Raised tds to 1250ppm, pH is 5.8, and watering twice a day.
    Runoff is 1350ppm and pH is 6.1 to 6.2.


  18. is tds and ppm the same thing?
  19. No.

    Parts Per Million (ppm) is the mesurment of the Total Desolved Solids (tds) in the water.
  20. Nothing environmental or nutrients has changed.


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