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1800 Watt LED growroom design ???

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Viti, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. :hello:Hi Guys, The goal is a 100% LED perpetual MMJ grow, yes, quality over quantity is the focus here. What we have is a 10'5"x 10.x5" room with a 6'10" ceiling. (8) Illuminator 180W jumbo UFO's, (2) 90w mother keepers, and (2) flower accelerator's driving a Soil SOG grow. The room will be split into two 5x5 veg/flower closets. the remaining 5x10 space will house a 2x4 tray with mothers and clone box leaving enough moving room for maintenance.
    I need advise with venting and environmental controlers. It has been suggested that I fresh vent the entire 10x10 room and individually scrub and exhaust the 5x5 closets. the idea was to use passive dampners that would open when the 5x5 space would exhaust out sucking in the fresh air from the 10x10 room. what do you guys suggest trying to keep it simple but effective.
    Regarding the environmental controller. I need a way to control the lights, Co2 and venting of these 5x5 spaces independently. Given a perpetual grow stagers the growing cycles at one point one 5x5 will be in veg while the other is in flower. Any experienced advise would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!
  2. If I were you I would invest in an air conditioner for that place to keep it cool, since a dehumidifier is EXACTLY the same, you may as well dump the heat outside of the grow room while taking advantage of the de-humidification. As for venting, I agree with bringing in fresh air to the entire grow room, and just exhaust rooms separately. If you're using fresh air intake I wouldn't even bother with the CO2. As for the lights put them on timers, and leave the fans running 24/7.

    The best way to maintain a constant temperature and humidity is making sure the the air coming into the grow room is cool and dry, then it's just a matter of proper airflow.
  3. Thanks so much for your replies on this and the electrical matter.

    You seem rather knowledge on the matter as a whole and it might help if I describe the big picture. 10x10 room split in half. Two 5x5 veg/flower closets and a 5x10 mom clone area. Each
    5x5 will each have 4(180w, 1.5 amp LED ufo) + 1(90w, 0.87 amp LED ufo).

    Replacing dehumidifier with AC sounds like great idea. Given the above design what type of Ac system do you suggest. Any sales contact info would help as I am in the middle of framing this room up as we speak.

    Regarding the 100 amp house service. Big relief I do not have to up grade service. I was planing on adding two 20 amp circuits in the 10x10 room roughing in 10-2 romax. The plan was each 5x5 closet would have a GFI plug off a 20 amp breaker. Any lights and appliances would branch off from the GFI home run circuit.

    Local grow shop has advised fresh venting the entire 10x10 room using an intake fan on a hepa filter. Each 5x5 closet would have an exhaust fan on a carbon filter. Each 5x5 would have passive dampeners that would open when the individual exhaust fans turn on. Both these exhaust ducting would connect into a Y fitting prior to exiting dwelling through a single vent. Three fans, two carbon filters is there a better way?? Can you advise brand of quiet box fan and cfm needed to run a venting system for said design.

    Lastly, how would you go about environmentally controling this perpetual intended design. Do you know of a duel room controller that would run 12 lights on three different cycles. For example two 90w leds over moms and clones, then 4(180w + 90w) in veg cycle, while other 4(180w + 90w) are in flower cycle. How would you control lights co2, temps (fans and ac) to maintain proper temps automatically? Again if you have a brand and place to purchase this info is priceless.

    Frankly, this learning curve I am experiencing has created a headache of monumental proportions!!! Sure hope the medicine that may come out of it all will help with the headache it has created (LOL)!?!?!?

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