18" x 18" x 18" grow box, will that work? which strain should i grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by taitpeter, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. i have a 18" x 18" x 18" grow box. what strain should i grow? it cant grow too tall, and odor control (especially during flowering) is a definite consideration.

    please, any suggestions and comments will be helpful


  2. can u get a taller box at least 2 and the half or 3 feet tall growing box.........
  3. i cant get a bigger one
  4. come on guys, i really need some help here

    any and all coments, suggestions, and answers are greatly appreciated
  5. 420 shade is right.... It's kinda a unspoken rule that you need atleast 30" to grow. It's just not going to work with anything smaller.
  6. well lowryder is the only way for u 2 go than if u have no more room..... expensive tho... no cloning =( peace out sam
  7. no way man, i did a grow in a milk crate that was less than 18" tall and it came out pretty decent for the size of the box... post some more info on your box and i can help ya out ;)
  8. 18 of pure grow space or do u have to add light and soil/hydro setups to that? If you need to add lighting looks like ur gonna be working with under 100watt HPS or floros...It can easily be done, low ryder will work perfect for that but if u want to be able to clone then it's not an option. I'd go for an 100% indca strain they are normally short and bushy rather than the staiva which like to strectch...also i'd recomend looking into scrog growing, also check out the design section theres a few good post about micro grow boxes that will give you some good ideas...
  9. man that is pretty tight for space. Grow outdoors if thats the best you can do for inside. For the little amount of bud you will produce its not worth the hassle and most of all risk.
  10. correct me if im wrong... but couldn't you just do a ScrOG grow and make the screen alot lower, and train the plant at a younger age? Im sure the yeild would be a hella lot less, but wouldn't you still at least get some?
  11. yeah plumbface, you would get some, but would it be enough to make it worth while. If he gets bigger box, then well it will haev a larger yeild. but i have never done scrog,

    but still dude get a bigger box. I know some people say its not the size that counts but in marijuana growing it is! I got plenty of space available to me. If not i make it. And I live in an apartment.

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