18% tint question

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  1. So my car is being tinted at 18% all around right now, is that safe enough to smoke in at night without people seeing me or what

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    hell ya 18% is dark you'll be good at night 
    Smoke a blunt and it's cool. I've chilled in my driveway and hotboxed blunts before, but my windows are at 25%
  3. i wanted 5% but my mom was being a bitch. but i at least talked her from 25 to 18
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  4. Have fun peeling it off on the side of the road when you get pulled over for smoking weed in your car. Don't be obvious or wreckless and you'll never have a problem;)
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  5. i realize, i don't smoke in my car. i'm just saying if i ever wanted to and it wasn't sketchy
  6. some cops will pull you over just for having tint. Just be safe, that's all;)
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  7. Lol^ 
    "New gc members be like"
    Almost Sig worthy
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    why does she even care what your window tints are..  also 5% is illegal, unless you have the paperwork for it
  9. I got limo tint on my car. Ive been smoking and driving since I was 16 so limo is necessary. Cops in certain states like New york will pull you over for tint & no other reason. I live in a state where tint is normal so cops wouldn't pull you over for it here or Cali. I have had a cop shine his beams in my car while there was 4 people hot boxing in it and he still didn't see us I also have 70% on my front windshield My car feels like a spaceship. I had 18% & 32% anything over limo you can see into when beams are pointed in.
  10. Ive been pulled over for my tint in VA before and was made to peel it off right there on the side of the road before I was free to go.
    Excessive dark tint raises red flags to cops. Be careful.
  11. You can pay out an eye doctor for a tint prescription I've heard...
  12. Im putting 5% on my windows. Don't tint your windshield. Not only is it illegal and dangerous but it also looks fuckin stupid

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  13. If you're in a particularly sunny and hot state, 95% of the time cops won't give a damn about tint, so long as they can still somewhat see you so don't tint your windshield unless you want to do like 50% to stop UV rays (actually a good idea). A lot of cars do have factory tint so keep that in mind. Mine for instance has 70% factory, I'll be doing 20% soon which will make it about 15-17% total.
  14. "Its dangerous" says the guy with 5%

    I bet you couldn't even see cars in your mirrors at night.

    But hey man, I'm gonna get a mild windshield tint.I think its no more dangerous than regular side tint unless you go too dark

    I hate sunglasses so I think a mild tint all around would be nice on my truck
  15. I got 20s its usually really hard to see inside at night.
  16. I was thinking about getting 35% on my side windows and getting 50% windshield

    Rear window on my truck is small so ill just sticker it up
  17. My friend had 5% and something lighter on top of that 5%.
    During blazing hot summer days, the inside of the car would be cool and pitch black.
    One time he was smoking a blunt inside and a cop came over and got his flash light and tried to look inside the car.  He was peering in to right where my friend's face was with his flash light and the cop couldn't see shit!
    This was a long time ago though
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    ur mom had a say in what % ur getting?? LOL. anyways here in cali my %5 doesnt mean shit becuase i cant tint the 2 front windows. but from the back it is nice. i dont like how at night i cant see shit though.
    i think 15 is a good choice. 
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    18% is for bitches limo tint or stock
    cops fucking hate my truck
  20. keep it stock, or get light tints.

    my first car, i thought it was cool to get dark tints and smoke everywhere, until you get pulled over. and your car smells from a pickup or smoking earlier.

    i suggest dont smoke in your car period.
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