18 Bucket Under Current System

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  1. Just finished installing this new system will be under testing this week.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOzKFertrOI"]YouTube - Under Current DWC[/ame]
  2. wow... i can only dream of a setup like that.. it looks like a lab... seriously very nice build.. i wish you had put together a diy...

    it might be easy to you but its always nice to watch a build...
  3. not bad for a first grow room huh ?
  4. seriously watched the film like three times....

    fuck... i wanna beat my walls out and start building stuff....

    wtf did you smoke to do something so epic...

    very nice build
  5. i wish you would show where you got your power from and the lights and how its ducted and the size of your fans....

    i love all of it..

    whats the total cost of your layout????

    have you ever sat down to figure total cost for the room?

    is that in a basement?

    it looks like a bathroom from a school....
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    Looks pretty sweet. I've been doing recirculating dwc for a few years now and love it. Only thing i can suggest is tossing a few air pumps and stones for the individual buckets. Dissolved oxygen levels are not quite enough for aggressive growth, just need a good amount of bubbles and it would be one of the best setups I have seen in a while. Another thing is I would suggest doing root pruning, I was pretty weary about it when I was learning about it in college but found it works beautifully in hydro. I do it so the roots dont grow through all of the tubing and restrict the water flow. They just become extremely branchy instead of 6 feet long. Looks amazing and your going to have amazing results. Any idea on the newts yet?

  7. Yeah, what he said! Did you buy a system or make your own? I too want a whole grow "room" or room's instead of a closet grow. But it will do for now, I thought of making a micro under current system, using a 10 gallon as the refill reservoir and then finding 4 to 6, or maybe 8 of some smaller buckets and just down size the whole kit, would work in a tent, and if I get a room together, IF I ever do:(, I would use 10 gallon pots and get MASSIVE plants:cool: J/K, don't know if that would work, but I could still just build a basic UC system.
  8. this is a complete diy. do some research you can find where they sell the seals and buckets once you have those the rest of the parts you can buy from home depot. maybe in the future i will make a complete step by step on how to build one but i want to perfect it still. yes there will be air stones inside each bucket. its been running since last night checking for leaks and any other flaws that maybe need to address.
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    Correct me if I am wrong, but since this thing has such a great circulation system, couldn't you just put a high enough rated air pump to aerate the first bucket, which in turn would aerate the others? Correct? Saves money on line and manifolds.

    I would also like to add the the ready to buy system has air pumps and whatnot, not dogging your setup, just adding that since he said something about adding it, that the "store bought" system has this, also yours is different as the kit I seen has a reservoir that gravity feeds the "recirculater" bucket for topping off and such. Where would you add the nutes in a system that has a main reservoir?
  10. you could do 1 air pump to the main but i'm not. the ready to buy systems are garbage. cost almost 1200 for a 12 bucket system and i have only invested 700 that's is for 24 buckets which i have only installed 18.
  11. Yeah, I wouldn't buy a kit either, someone else said they saved 1000 off the normal price buying it in pieces and doing it themselves.

  12. http://forum.grasscity.com/grow-room-design-setup/681017-first-growroom.html

    Here u go!
  13. root pruning i would love to hear more about this please
  14. no need to buy one when yours is truly a masterpiece i would love to have that JEALOUS im bound to one 10 gallon tote i love it tho man keep up the art

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