18 and time to give up weed for life

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  1. Hey guys i had a big problem with marijuana this week and i thinks its time i stop for good. So this Monday i had a problem where after smoking my heart starting racing and felt like it was gunna explode, probably beating near 200bpm. I ended up going to the hospital to make sure i was gunna be ok and checked that no harm was done to my precious heart.

    Anyways my parents always had suspicion that i smoked weed (came home a few times with red eyes ect.) This was a real eye opener for them and myself showing that weed isnt as safe as it is perceived it to be. Was not a fun time and i think its time that i stop smoking for good.
  2. You just said no harm was done to your heart; and it's called a panic attack.
  3. it's happened to me twice on weed and twice on jwh i will never use jwh again and am glad it's outlawed but weed really isn't bad. your body can handle it. just sucks for a little while. every time it's happened to me i just went to bed and slept it off. that's the best thing to do or take a cold shower. i understand if you don't want to use it anymore but it happens every once in a while when your startin out.
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  5. i see how this could have been a panic attack but it was still triggered by use of weed and having a heart rate of almost 200bps is not healthy. I just dont think that it is for me after the experience i had.

    Also i have been reading on weed and heart attacks, it seems there is a very slight chance that you will have one but it increases chances. Especially if you smoke up every day
  6. Actually when your heart started racing you just decided to blame it instantly on weed and nothing else.

    It could easily be from obesity (not saying you are, but you never defined yourself), unhealthy food diet, etc.

    What I am saying is to take into consideration that it could have been anything.
  7. Really dude? You are on the wrong site.
  8. this are the type of posts i don't know if they are trolls. while i want to believe they are i do know there are people who are this dumb..

    so what did they do to you at the hospital? nothing? you said no damage was done to your heart?

    where the problem??

    you could just as easily laid down did some deep breathing and be fine... but no.. you worried and worried and went to the hospital which i'm sure consisted of more worrying..

    also by the time you got the the doctor or whatever i would HIGHLY doubt you were even still high.

    "not as safe as it is perceived to be"


    have a good life without weed my dude.
  9. yeh what they said.Moldy,mildew,pesticides also.. Sativas,and premature bud also does that...
  10. Look man. I know you are a little freaked out. It's happened to the best of us. Your body can handle it. Marijuana opens the valves in your heart just like nitroglycerine does. I know how you felt. But this is not a reason to quit. When you feel your heart race like that, just remember to relax. Everything will be fine.

    Don't quit unless you know for sure you need to stop.
  11. I'll stand on the other side of the fence. If you feel like weed is detrimental to your health, then stand up for your belief and stop smoking. The hardest part about not smoking weed is replacing it with a new hobby. Do you exercise regularly? If not, maybe it's a good time to start. It will help you keep your mind off weed and get you into better shape.
  12. More for me ;)

  13. It could have been anything, including weed, which ALWAYS causes an elevation in heart rate. Obesity isn't going to spontaneously cause a BPM of 200. It was the weed, plain and simple.

    What most likely happened was OP smoked, noticed his faster heart rate, stressed about his faster heart rate and then sent himself into fight or flight mode. Weed+norepinephrine+epinephrine+dopamine= potent precursors for a panic attack.
  14. So when you get a panic attack in your normal life, you should give up your life too because that's clearly what caused it? Just because it happened when you were high doesn't mean shit. You were probably sketching about something else, and it blossomed into a panic attack.
  15. You're trying to blame a psychological issue on cannabis. I doubt your heart rate was up to 200bpm, you should have counted properly on your jugular.

    Depending on your fitness level many things can raise your heart rate; fear, panic, fight or flight responce, physical activity etc. - you were probably just more aware. Cannabis lowers blood pressure and elevates heart rate a little bit. You definitely caused it, it's not an inherent trait of cannabinoids because it would happen to everyone.

    You can easily calm yourself down and it will go away.
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    i am in great physical condition so it defiantly wasnt because i am obese. I do agree with you guys also, my parents are seeming to overreact even though i can see why they would be worried.

    I agree that it was a panic attack, i guess it was caused by the very potent hash i smoked. I do appreciate everything you guys post, positive or negitive i like to see your responces
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  18. So let me get this straight...You pussied out, and ended up with absolutely no injury or alteration to your health at all? How does that make weed unsafe? It looks like the only thing unhealthy is your judgement.
  19. Wtf.

    Good for you man, if you feel you don't need MJ, don't force yourself. Or if you don't get the desired effects from it. Do what you need to do, fuck these stupid potheads who want everyone to be stoned.
  20. I can see why they would be worried too, if they were uneducated. Educate them.

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