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18 age limit for forums?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ryax, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. I was younger than 18 when i started posting on these forums i was about 14, lol. Which leads me to think to the fact that if you are mature enough to handle the internet and your marijuana than you should be able to post on the forums, age shouldn\'t be required as \"smoking pot\" is still illegal whichever way you put it, unless you are medically prescribed or live somewhere where its legal, which most of us do not, whether you\'re 18 or 14 does not make a difference. I started smoking pot when i was 12 and i probably got a computer about a year later i was probably on these websites when i was 13. You guys shouldn\'t really make people be 18 to give them the freedom to express their rights however being 18 doesn\'t make you any better than a 13 year old smoking pot for the first time, plain and simple. I dunno, i just thought i would ask;

    Why the 18 age limit on these forums? Is it because you can order stuff from the website? idk explain plz! i\'d like to know :)
  2. Probably because when you\'re 18, you\'re considered an adult.. and you make your own decisions? I\'m not too sure myself.
  3. Online headshop and pot smoking community + minors = law involvement.
  4. I think if the admins supported even one (18>kid) it could probably put the whole city in danger of getting in trouble. Because people here don\'t just talk about marijuana they also talk about other drugs which could influence young ones to try them and also other stuff that goes on in pandora\'s box :p
  5. Theirs alot of worse shit on the internet, hell you can look up how to cook crack in google and return over a million results lol

    btw kids can\'t buy things off of grasscity without the parent\'s credit card... and even if they did order something with their parent\'s credit card, no one would get in trouble b/c the parents (smart parents) would just say to the credit card company that their kid fucked up and get the item taken off of the credit card bill.
  6. yea idk, smoking in general you have to be 18 for, and everything sold on grasscity is actually legal. i.e. pipes, papers, etc. Involving minors with smoking probably isnt a good thing. If your mature enough to handle marijuana and these forums as a minor, then i guess just lie and nobody will ever know your underage lol. I\'ve seen 14 year olds smoke and be perfectly responsible, but i\'ve also seen 14 y/os smoke and geek out and go nuts.

  7. distribution to a minor is the only charge you can get for dealing with a kid (selling him pot), unless you\'re buying him blunts, cigs, alchohol, etc. that is another charge. My best dealer wouldnt deal to me until i was 18, but i got him to anyways when i was 17. I guess its all a matter of personal morals.
  8. i agree,,, rules are rules and the city,,, is very straightforward on,,, adherring to it\'s rules and policies,,,

    i\'ve broke a many of them without realizing it,,,, but i think im learning as i go,,,, to be a rule abiding blade while on the forum///
  9. i think it should be older than 18 becuase most of the posts i see look like they\'ve been posted by a 12 year old trying pot for the first time.
  10. But I think anyone could sound like that. There are people that are much older but seem completly incompetent. And then there are 12 year olds that attened College and are working as scientist. That was not specific. Just seemed like a 20/20 story. Also I think they (grasscity) would like to take as much action to make sure their site is \"legal\" looking or something to that degree.
  11. I think this is a good explanation why minors should not be attending these kind of websites.
  12. you said a mouthfull there,,,, i been on here before drunker than cooter-brown..

    and have posted some stuff to where,,, i should have just kept my mouth shut....:eek:
  13. The thing with your age is... your age doesn\'t make you, but it can break you and this damn forum... so dont complain and if you are underrage, either leave, or dont let anyone know and act of age (sterotype at least, seeing as Im not gonna make myself a hipocrite (sp?)
  14. The reason is bc the shop cannot tell your age either...

    sells to kids under 18 no doubt as well;)...

    To cover their asses...they have to put a disclaimer that says that you are complying with the 18 and up policy of the shop if you are going to be looking at/buying anything at all...the forum is part of the store, it\'s all to avoid getting the business shut down by the government...

    it may be unjust, but that\'s the way it is...
  15. Ok anyone know if grasscity has been around for 4 years? If not you are busted dude.
  16. Im 18 you fucking idiots do you wanna see a copy of my drivers license? go to hell cause\' i\'m not showing my face on this forum w/ snitches. Because thats what you guys are doing right now, snitching. i was born on SEPTEMBER 2nd 1988 go fuck yourselves, dickheads i was making a point not trying to snitch on people under 18, like you guys are doing.

    Oh yea, by the way. ChronicToker -rep to you for trying to \"bust\" me what are you a cop?
  17. lol, then you need to take a remedial math class:p
  18. You need to smoke some more pot, and stop worrying about a number bro
  19. You completely fucked up the point of my thread, you asshole

    GTFO out of seasoned tokers you\'re a seasoned asshat
  20. wish granted. :bongin: not like I reported you or anything...


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