18/6 to 12/12 change

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  1. hi all my plant has been growing in soil. 10" pot . i have a 70 watt hps and 200 watt of cfl. it has been on 18/6 for 49 days. she has been loving the nutes but is only 8 1/2" tall, 8"wide and has 10 sets of branches.

    when should i change the light schedule any info would be great cheers.
  2. i know im a newb but is urs of indica or sativa strain?
  3. not to shore mate it has very dark green leaves showing purple in the stem and branches. this is a deep green and purple hope this helps.

    thanks for helping
  4. [​IMG][​IMG]

    the first is sativa the second is indica which one does yours look more like? or is that what your not sure of? lol im sorry im tryna help the best i can
  5. cheers buddy mine is definately indica then, that does really help thanks again.
  6. so now that u know u have an indica u know they dont get very big sooo now might be the right time to go to 12/12 ive heard that they can double even triple in height and width, when in flowering stage, also make sure in the flowering stage u use a high phospherus plant food, only about 1/4 of what it recommends tho, good luck man and may the power of the hemp gods walk with you lol
  7. cheers again for your help i will start 12 /12 today thanks again
  8. anything for a fellow grower, but since you gotta couple weeks on me im gonna expect some help from you cuz now u have the expierence;) , ill be on all night so ill try and help u wit any other questions ive been studying for awhile i just recentley got around to trying to grow.

    may your harvest be bountiful, r u only growing the 1?
  9. whoa whoa whoa i just read ur first post again 10" deep dude if thats the case you need to transplant and quick im guessin ur roots r prolly more crowded then a bunch of girls at a chris brown concert

    let me know
  10. ^^^^agreed^^^^ also your plant will show signs of sex to. usually when this starts to happen it is your plant telling you it is fully developed and ready to flower. good luck
  11. yeah, you've been veging for a long time, but that's pretty small still.... might as well flower though, but yeah, you should transplant into a bigger pot right before you start flowering. if you have room, put it in a 5 gallon bucket, one reason that your plant is still small may be because it has been rootbound for a while.
  12. you JL, you grow? if so, you gotta bring some HG to the FL sesh...

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