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  1. Hello still new to a lot of thing. I hear doing a 18/6 light cycle in Veggie stage is good instead of 24hrs. I’m having problems getting a schedule together. For example if I turn on at 6am and off at 12am let’s say on that Monday. Do I turn the lights back on at 1am or what. It’s a hour delay there so what do I do with that time. Or do I suppose to turn the lights off at 12.59am and back on at 1am. I’m just a lil confused that’s all.
  2. Unless your trying to time match to outside I'd go with 24-0 for veg. Cannabis is a C3 plant and does just fine IMO with no dark at all.
    I've run a 24-0 veg schedule for many years.
    If you really want to run a 18-6 then buy a dependable industrial timer
    Intermatic T101 is what I use for matching my Summer set for outside transplants but that's more like 15-16 hours of light.

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  3. But what about the delay in the hour for the next day, that's the part I'm confused on!
  4. Why would you want a delay? Surely just doing straight, regular, 0600-2400, or whatever hourly schedule you wish to keep, via a timer so you don't "forget", all the time would be a better idea so you have 18 hours light and 6 hours darkness until such time as you want to move it to 12/12 if necessary...
  5. Cannabis doesn't need a dark period in veg. I run 24/0. Not sure what delay you're talking about. Just turn the light on and leave them on.

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