17yo Pot KingPin Runs $3 Million Drug Ring

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Globian, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Saw this article on Yahoo and in the comments someone had done the math and figured at MOST it was like $200K over a couple years. Still nothing to sneeze at for a HS kid (how's that prohibition working, society?) :D But...once again the sensationalism of the bust knows no bounds and facts and logic be damned.
  2. Lol... 600 plants equals $3mil
  3. damn look at all those sixes in the video url.. coincidence? i dont think so
  4. More like 17yo Pot KingPin Runs $3 Million Medicine Ring
  5. More like, 17yo Manipulates Flawed Pot Prohibition for Profit, Prohibition Fails Again
  6. I'm a big fan of his line of work.
  7. There must be two anti-christs working together. We're all fucked!

  8. [quote name='"smokeridge high"']What a player[/quote]

    Straight pimp
  9. I wonder who's in charge of pricing these kind of things. In the news there was a drug bust and there was like a little under an ounce of some really bad mexican dirt, and they said it had a street value of $1000...

  10. With that said, it sounds like they just automatically assume everything they find comes out of god's ass.
  11. Fuck the media. They lie.
  12. Street value is determined by sending an intern to go buy weed in various parts of the city. Then they average it out with a complex mathematical formula.

  13. Lol the intern got mega fuckked if he bought an o for 1k. Luckily he didn't get stabbed.
  14. Used to be my dealer, bought pot from him alot.. He goes to the same highschool i graduated from. Always had the best bud around, mind that it was expensive.

    But to be honest, me knowing the kid personally, he was just a street dealer flippin oz.'s to the local heads, nothin more. At his highest point he had 15-20k in cash, all this about him being the leader of this HUGE drug ring are BULLSHIT. And those 6 "Lieutants" they mention, just his good friends doing buisness completely unrelated to him, they make it seem like he employed them or some shit.

    Fuck the media. Free TP.

    This happened in January btw
  15. 600 Plants say they yield 4 Ounces each...
    600 * 4 = 2400
    2400 * 28(let's get into gs) = 67,200
    67,200 * $20 = $1,344,000 = 1.3 Million

    The monetary value of what he was doing could have been $3 Million... I doubt he had 600 Plants though lol

    I like doing math while stoned.
  16. ''he was running a drug organization ''

    - police

    stoopid cops
  17. They have to feed the Bible thumpers bullshit like this from time to time to justify their worthless job's.

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