17 year old trick or treaters

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. piss me off emensley. What the hell do they think there doing? Some punk ass kids that live in the trailor courts by us just come around trick or treating, and I am seriously pissed off. They didn't have costumes, they didn't even say trick or treat, and there FUCING 17 YEARS OLD!!!

    Get a fucking life I say, I'm now maning the door for my dad, and no one over 14 gets candy, thats just sad and pathetic... and I plan on telling them that.

    Hmmmm, it is TRICK or treat, so it wouldn't be to mean to just douse them with the hose!
    *evil laugh comes in here*

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE (everyone that celebrates it at least)!!!
  2. i wanna be in the us for halloween!!!

    over here all i herd is "its a yank holiday" i been defending it, my house only jacko-lanturn in my village!!!!!
  3. I am 20 and I love to trick or treat . need the munchies and I always say trick or treat
  4. well cow my first thought muhahaha was yea get em with the hose..........
    then i remembered what my mailbox looks like at the moment.. smashed witha baseball bat ...ahhh those kids and there fun.:D an i thought about maybe ya gotta car around ya, and well might be you live in some sort of house you wouldnt want egged or toiletpapered.soooo give the big children the candy AND stern look....lol

    happy halloween


  5. Me too..I love trick or treating, and I'm 20 too. I would have done it this year but my brother doesn't know how to give out candy.

  6. HaHa!!

    Anyways, I'm at work for the night, so I won't be giving any candy this year. Last year I had fun passing out candy. There is this tree in front of my front door. So I climbed up with a bucket, and each time some kids would come up and knock on the door, I'd throw candy at them from up top and watch them look around. Sometimes the parents would see me, and just laugh to themselves while there kids wondered where the candy was coming from. :D :D :D
  7. I'm not dissing all you 20 year old trick or treats *cough*getalife*cough* ;) , that is, so long as you dress up and say 'trick or treat!' I mean these kids just stuck there walmart bags out like, 'hey bitch give me some candy' and they were wearing street clothes. I mean, thats gay, save some candy fo the little kids at least!

    and lol @ kb_124, what a good idea!
  8. you'd frezee to death in 10 min. :p
  9. I think the celebration of Halloween through the act of giving kids massive amounts of sugar is a plot by the ADA to drum up business for its members. I really can't see buying tons of candy in order to give it to kids by the handfuls in exchange for them dressing up and saying 3 words when I open the door. It's like giving handouts to beggars on the street, except with beggars there's more of a chance that the recipients need the handout. May all the kids who come to my door remember me when the dentist discovers cavities.

    The way I get around the candy bit is to do a trick everytime I answer a knock at the door. After all, it is trick OR treat, isn't it? Card tricks are easiest. Sleight of hand tricks are great for the younger kids. And even some of the 17 year olds who come expecting candy get a kick out of a well executed floating card trick!

  10. trust me I have a life and part of it includes the joy of trick or treating. and whats with the gay remark?
  11. My sister was always really tall so by the time she was 12 she looked 15 or 16. The last couple years she trick or treated were pretty bad, there are some mean mofos out there.

    Remember this the next time you dis some punk for similar reasons. Though I do think that you have to at least wear a costume, no effort = no candy
  12. The whole point of the thread was the fact that the kids didn't have costumes and they didn't even say trick or treat!! They just held out their bags and expected candy to drop in it, I don't mind the kids that come with costumes on and whatnot.

    and the gay mark was uncalled for, sorry, my mistake.

  13. thats cool of you too say that. You can toke off my joint any day
  14. Yeah, I could do with out the older kids coming up, NOT dressed up...that drives me nuts. but, if they are dressed up, I love it...ill give em candy if theyre in the spirit!

  15. don't mind if I do, just ran out today, damn those gravity bongs, they take my weed away so quickly! :)

  16. meee tooo but we're usually mangled when we do it...

    nothing better then a bunch of wasted friendly bastads at your door wanting free candy....someone always has a costume and we say trick or treat... usually only go to a cple houses.....

    couldn't do it this year ... i was craaaaaaaazyyy sick....

    its all for fun usually.

  17. thats all i ask
  18. you should have just taken some of the stuff in their bag, say thank you, and slam the door on them.... and if they complain, tell em to come back with a costume:D
  19. Any trick or treater over the age of 14 is either a stoner, or just a retard.
  20. I trick or treated when I was 17, but that was because my parents really didn't want me to and my friend and I were bored. We went and picked up another friend who had some masks and stuff and walked around his neighborhood just hitting the people he knew.

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