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Discussion in 'General' started by BillDavis, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Let me get this straight... the sight of a 17 year old girl puking her guts out gets you aroused? :eek: :cool:
  2. I most definatley would have bailed, and you did the right thing by taking your cousin with you. In a sketchy situation you always get your friends out with you.
  3. LMAO!!!!!!!thats the most stupidest thing ive ever heard......

    O YA everybody were all drunk and prolly smoked some weed 2, lets go call the chief of police because his daughter took to many shots:eek: .....Thats just stupid come on now,,but you did the right thing by Cuttin out and bringin your brother when thy said there callin him..
  4. Yep, it's good for you that you got out of there.

    As long as the girl had company with her.
  5. should have just packed a bowl or rolled a J and let her smoke it, she would have been fine
  6. Yeah, she doesn't smoke... We asked her if she wanted to, but she said no. I found out that her dad isn't the cheif of police but a sheriff. The reason her dad was called is because her friend wanted to call her mom, because she said her mom wouldn't do anything just come pick them up. Instead she called the drunk girl's mom and she said her dad was on the way... It was crazy. The next day the sheriff showed back up at my cousin's house and talked to his mom and said he was wants to press charges against me and my cousin. I don't think he is though because my friend's girlfriend said this wasn't the first thing like that to happen where her dad has came over somewhere and threatened to press charges. I wish I woulda known her dad was a cop, then I woulda said no drinking for her but yeah, crazyness.
  7. Nice of you to get your little bro out of there, but that's the girls own damn fault that she got to drunk, she didn't have to drink. She should have know what her limits were.
  8. I agree, I would have done the same thing in that crazy situation and not have looked back. Your brother told me that she was crying and shit. Dude, haha that is damn funny.

    But that chick needs to learn not to do dumb things that can get people thrown in jail, all just because she was a little drunk and wanted her daddy. It was her decision to drink all that alcohol and I doubt anything will happen. Her father was probably just trying to scare your cousin. I hope everything is cool anyway.
  9. Haha, I don't think I could deal with the over 21 drinking laws you guys have, I'd still have over 2 years to wait before I could go for a pint, not cool. Well I dunno I am rarely in that situation, here I see drunken ass 13/14 girls every friday night when I head out, but thats what you get when you live in the binge drinking capital of the world I guess
  10. Yeah, the United States' drinking age sucks. I got busted for minor consuption about six months ago. I was only 17 at the time so my punishment was minimal but now I am 18 and I would still go to jail for the same thing. I mean, come on! If I am old enough to vote and join the military to die for my country, then why the hell can't I at least drink a beer?
  11. Let me get this straight, you guys can get jailed for drinking? Thats shit man! I got taken home by the cops a few times when I was underage, it is illegal but all the cops have the right to do here is confiscate your drink and if they think you are incapable of getting home they take you home. If you are under 16 they have the right to inform your parents. I remember a few times when I was like 14/15 and police just took our booze and left us, man we thought that was bad!
  12. Do you vote? Are you in the military? I know some states will allow you to drink if you're in the military as long as you show your military ID. And being able to vote means you're also able to get out there and change some things with your vote. If a lower drinking age is really what you want, then get the law changed.

    Here in the states, the government has tied state drinking ages to federal transportation funding for states. Basically, they've said, "Either raise your drinking age to 21 or we will withold transportation funds". Most states complied. Some didn't. It was federal blackmail. Sucks. :cool:
  13. Yup, I got thrown in a juvenile detention center for a night but my friend had to stay there all weekend and part of the week because we were drinking. It was taken off our records though because we went through a little thing called Teen Court. Thats were a kid goes through the system like an adult but he or she is judged by a jury of their peers. Its not bad. It was a good deal for me and my friend because we both pretty much got off free. The only real bad thing was the night of jail, my humiliation, and the punishment from the court. But it sounds like kids that want to drink have it made in Scottland.
  14. Yeah, the whole under 21 drinking laws in the US is bullshit. I was with Ricky the night he got arrested, I did to. So did a friend who at the time was 20. I think they where just asshole cops but yeah, pfft fuckin' laws.
  15. hemp was once legal in the us and was outlawed and alcohol had prohibition and the herb will happen someday as well
  16. Don't feel bad, you did the right thing. Everyone passed out/left, dumping the responsibility on you.

    I might have just thrown the little girls out on the street if they were gonna call the cops, just to save my cousin some trouble. Really though, no matter what you did no one could hold it against you. They dumped all their troubles on you; fuck them.
  17. Yeah, cause y'know, the government always listen to the people ;)
  18. if i was of drinking age i woulda stayed and taken care of her. i don't care who her dad is, i don't like leaving drunk people who are basically fucked b/c that's just the kinda person i am. who knows? you coulda gotten brownie points for takin' care of her or something....i mean, YOU weren't the one who got her drunk, right?
  19. her dad walking in on a 21+ drunk/high male taking care of his 17 year old shitfaced daughter probly wouldnt have goten him much brownie points.
    whats he got on you though? if the party was at your cousins and you bounced.

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