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  1. So yeah... I drunk. I'm old enough to be drunk. Anyways, say you were at a friends house, been drinking, been smoking. All of a sudden there is some random girl in the bathroom throwing up. Out of nowhere you find out that her dad is the cheif of police. Her friend that brought her to the party is your friend's girlfriend... This friend is someone who you are not to be with becuase of another incident where you got said underage friend drunk and a court date was set... *cough* Anyways, say your friend left becuase you told him you had it under control then said friend's girlfriend was like, "We have to call her dad".... What would you do. Me? I got my drunk ass in the car and left with my younger brother who was also drunk.... What would you do? Run or stay with underage drunk girl who's Dad was the Chief of Police? Just wondering....
  2. i would have bounced as long as there was someone else there to take care of her. but if i had to stay i would have tryed to talk the people down from calling her dad, thats just plain stupid
  3. if daddy's little girl cannot handle herself she should not be drinking. I am the son of a police officer, except i can handle myself and i have proven it enough that that said officer will buy me alcohol as i wish(not of drinking age)

    makes it easy when friends bitch about not having beer, just turn to me and BOOM its a party haha
  4. Yeah, there was someone else there with her... But that girl was also underage. They where there because my friend is going out with an underage female. Yeah, I know. Its not cool, we give him hell all the time. But I happened to leave these females at my cousin's house who was passed out. The one girl said she was calling her mother but when she hung up she said she was talking to the drunk girl's mother and her mother was calling her father, who happens to be said police cheif. Its a big mess and its gonna be on my shoulders... Pfft, no more underage drinking.
  5. why's it not cool? if they like each other then good for them :smoke:
  6. Yeah, I mean... Its cool but you gotta give yer friend a hard time, thats what its all about... Good friend always rip on each other no matter what its about. Its always fun when your givin' a good buddy hell.
  7. Run the Fuck out of there pronto
  8. She's old enough to know what she's doing, i woulda bounced too..Damn girls, think they all that, cant handle there SHIT! ha!
  9. i have a feeling that the dad wouldn't of gave a shit about anyone besides his kid. if he does, he's an asshole
  10. damn i kept waiting for the sexual part involving the 17 year old girl and it never came! oh welll. dont get caught by that cheif of police man.
  11. isn't that the truth haha
  12. Hit That:hello: lol j/k
  13. I'd have bounced. She's 17, not 12.

    Why would someone be calling her dad anyway? She was puking! Puke = less alcohol in her tummy. And if it was a medical reason, I think a hospital would be more appropriate. So I guess I'm just asking why her dad needed to be called.
  14. She had a sign on her back: 'I'm 17. If you find me puking, call my dad. He's the chief of police." Don't all 17 year old girls come with that warning? Like some sort of 'medical alert' bracelet or something? I'm sorry... I haven't partied with a 17 year old girl in YEARS. I make sure I stay away from partying with or screwing anyone under the age of 21... especially if they're dad's the chief of police! :D :cool:
  15. well dude i think you did the right thing by peacing out. i mean if shes a close friend i would have stuck around no matter what but if you barley knew her then you had nothing to do with it as far as anyone else should be concerned. i mean im an underage drinker but i dont get caught like that. im responsible.

    and i have a friend how was 17 and dating a 26 year old and living with him.. its mad fucked up
  16. i have no problems with a 17 year old being with a 20+ person,i dated a 26 year old when i was 17 lol(hotta s fuck!!) but in that situation, i woulda booked it the fuck outta there. coulda got in a wrong situation, good job recognizing it
  17. I would of gave the bitch a pearl necklace and left her with a sign "FUCK THE POLICE" for her dad to find :D
  18. Id fly outta there like a bat outta hell
  19. I wouldn't have stayed either less she was a good friend, seems like she wasn't.

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