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    incase you guys thought i was getting arrested or something, im not. its the title of my poem. i wanted some feedback and encouragement on it because i have the oppurtunity to read it in front of my entire school at the next assembly. ill post it in a minute. i read it in front of my class and they thought it was very powerful, deep, and honest. a few people told me they cried when i read it. i cried in front of them while i read it and im positive i would cry in front of the school.

    ive never gone up on stage in front of hundreds of people but its a whole other thing revealing my real self to everyone. but i would really like to do it because i want to challenge myself and ive never done anything like it. so i just wanted to get your guys thoughts about what you think about the poem and what you think about me performing it in front of my whole school. note: i will probably cry and it will be hard to hold back my emotions because it means a lot to me.
  2. here it is fellas.

    Ideas engraved into my head based off what the world thinks since the day i was born.

    "Do this"

    "Dont do that"

    "Why are you doing this?"

    "Because it makes me happy"

    "Well thats not right so stop"

    Adults telling me to have a dream and follow it since i was little.

    Theyre the same people that have stopped me from doing what i want.

    Just an innocent child being brainwashed by the morals of society.

    I couldnt blame myself.

    Years of criticism being told Im not good enough.

    Being taught that standing out will make me an outkast.

    Its shielded me from living life and creating myself.

    Eighth grade is when these thoughts really affected me.

    I made a few actions that I regret.

    And I apologize to anyone I hurt.

    But i was young and immature.

    Everyday every adult i saw made me out to be a bad kid.

    A scapegoat that was blamed for everything.

    Over exaggerated punishments for minor incidents.

    A devil child that needed to be taught a lesson for every single decision made.

    They told me to think before I speak.

    It got to the point that i decieded to not even speak because i was afraid of the consequence.

    this spread from my educaton to every aspect of my life.

    The impact that fear can have on a life; its incredible.

    But I was to self centered to realize that im not the only person with issues.

    Stuck inside my mind of fears and fantasies.

    Forgetting about reality and whats actually happening.

    Ive learned a few things.

    Systems are selfish

    Unaware of the effect on people

    And the world is a messed up place.

    Telling people how to live their lives

    Judging whats wrong and whats right

    Breeding insecurities from expectations we cant live up to.

    I say fuck it all.

    Live up to nothing so you are free to do anything.
  3. Good poem man, you should read it out loud
  4. Nice man

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