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17 Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legal (please add more)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thsea, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Just thought I'd share a bit of my frustration with some fellow tokers. add some more to it. and the reasons it sounds a little bombastic is because I would want someone who is anti-weed to at least consider this legitimate (which it is). give me feedback too. i know i'm missing shit:smoke:

    17 Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

    • Holistically, it is far less dangerous than alcohol
    • It impairs one's driving ability less than alcohol does (although driving while under the influence of marijuana should still have similar penalties to those which are associated with drunk driving)
    • It is a naturally occurring plant, whereas alcohol is man-made and is hence innately less “pure” than marijuana
    • Alcohol is literally a poison to the body whereas marijuana is just a psychoactive substance which stimulates certain receptors in the brain
    • Salvia is legal, which is a dissociative drug, whereas marijuana has no dissociative effects whatsoever (which would greatly effect motor skills)
    • There have been no recorded deaths from the direct effects of marijuana on the body.
    • The THC in marijuana actually has clinically-proven ameliorating effects in eradicating tumors in the lungs (although there ARE still other harmful effects of the marijuana smoke)
    • When considered purely in their holistic negative effects on the human body, tobacco (which is completely legal and even extensively advertized) is far more dangerous than marijuana
    • Even a modest tax on marijuana would generate a sizable amount of liquid, internal revenue for the United States Government (which, currently, would be extremely helpful due to the recession). Additionally, this tax would certainly generate far more revenue than the currently, albeit rarely, exacted fines for marijuana possession do
    • Legalizing it would halt the current inefficient (and dangerous) system in which law enforcement officials are meaninglessly distracted by trying to catch pot-smokers instead of concentrating on much more dangerous and drastic things such as rape, murder, theft, several types of fraud, or even traffic enforcement citations (speeding etc.), which are immensely more urgent and generally hazardous than a few people smoking marijuana is
    • People under the influence of marijuana are (try to challenge me) almost exclusively less aggressive than those under the influence of alcohol (that's not to say alcohol makes everyone aggressive, but it is to say that marijuana rarely causes people to be aggressive)
    • Marijuana, like alcohol, can spawn camaraderie between strangers due solely to the fact that these so-called “strangers” both happened to be smoking marijuana
    • Marijuana is legal (or at the very least decriminalized or for all intents and purposes, decriminalized) in many countries, cities, and territories, and all of those places are fully-functioning societies with extensive cultural, historical, and/or geographic importance (examples: Amsterdam, Denver, Spain, Pakistan, Russia, Germany, India)
    • The decriminalization of marijuana could drastically reduce the amount of young people starting to use the “drug”, because its legality would induce a certain attenuation in the current “rebelliousness” felt by many users (who use it solely for the rebellious value)
    • Despite popular prejudice, marijuana is no more of a “gateway ‘drug'” than alcohol, cigarettes, or salvia (all of which are legal), is
    • There is still no valid, proven, viable, defendable, or legitimate reason why marijuana is supposedly so “bad”; it seems to carry this mystifying, unexplained stigma that, truthfully, has no basis on fact or observation
    • In terms of escape drugs, it would be far less dangerous and degenerative for someone to turn to marijuana as an escape drug than it would for them to turn to alcohol (which can kill an individual with a surprisingly little amount of alcohol [only 18 standard shots, or 45 oz., of 80 proof liquor would theoretically kill a 180 lb. man]). No (smokable) amount of marijuana is lethal
  2. first i wanna say Dam u type to much.
    1. Makes Sex Feel Better
    2. Makes Food taste better
    3. Makes Shitty movies better
    4. Its fun, and keeps some from commiting greater crimes
    5. Takes stress away (they say it dosnt but it does)
    6. So we can just drop this controversy and get high
  3. best reason of all, eliminates boredom :smoke:
  4. #4 Two-One, Feb 13, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2009

    All you're reasons are bad besides 1. They probably won't, but if they ever like pick 1 person to say why it should be legalized, hopefully it isn't you.

  5. XD. i had all of it read in a good 2-3 minutes... if someone cant handle 2-3 minutes of reading i sincerely hope there not our spokesperson for legalization.. so i completely agree with you two-one. +rep
  6. Well Im to lazy to read taht. MWCL Homie

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