17 Day Old Plant. Lookin good? (PIC)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kalabora, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Wondering how good the growth on this plant is for being 17 days since she sprouted. Also she has five point leaves already. Do the leaf points increase by two on each set normally. And she's got some good ol weed stank to her I've always heard THC doesnt start forming in the plant until around thirty days....is this true?

  2. yes the leaves will grow by 2 each time (usually),,, i Don't think the THC starts forming until it goes into flowering, but i could be wrong :|
  3. Well I am doing a 12/12 experiment on it from seed to harvest. Maybe that's why it smells like some good dro I just keep smelling her and telling her how good she smells lmao plant therapy.

  4. Haha I know what you mean, even when my plants were tiny I would rub the stem and leaves just to get the smell. It's what I imagine heaven would smell like :D

    looking good man!
  5. Good luck on the 12/12 My 3rd grow of the year I will be doing that! Wanna try it out.
  6. Thanks helix! Its so nice when they start making that good stink reminds you your growing your own drugs. :D

    I wanted to try it because I want small plants due to where they are I don't want them noticed, and of course a faster reward! :smoke:
  7. yep my plant stank at that stage , it's looking great though
  8. Thanks, skunky. She's glistening like she just walked out of the ocean for her photo shoot lol sexy.:laughing:
  9. if your plant has been growing for 17 days and it looks like that , what is the soonest you can start to make them bud ?
  10. Not sure I set these on 12/12 at week 2. Evil told me around day 25 or so I'd start to see sex. And I'm inclined to believe him because his journals are awesome and he did a 12/12 from seed grow. I'd say around day 70 or so I'd be about ready to harvest. We shall see...:p
  11. Very nice, looks like you got a solid plant there
  12. Thanks! I was also wondering where the new set of leaves are forming at the very top instead of two there seems to be three forming is that normal?

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