16yr old cited after crashing, killing whole family.

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  1.  A 16-year-old boy driving his parents and siblings on a "dream trip" to Disney World apparently fell asleep at the wheel, causing the sport utility vehicle to veer off the highway and roll over, killing three children and two adults, authorities said Thursday.
    The teen, who had a driver's license, was cited with careless operation, a misdemeanor, following the crash on Interstate 20 near Calhoun, Louisiana, at 11 p.m. Wednesday, said state police spokesman Michael Reichardt. The driver, who was not identified, and two passengers were injured, one critically.
    While en route to Orlando, Florida, from Terrell, Texas, the 16-year-old veered left onto the median and then tried to get back onto the highway but overcorrected, causing the 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe to roll over, police said.
    Authorities identified the adults killed as Michael Hardman and his wife, Trudi Hardman, both primary-school teachers from Terrell, Texas, and three of their children: sons Dakota Watson, 15, and Adam Hardman, 7; and daughter Kaci Hardman, 4.
    \n\n\nfirst off, why would you let a 16year old start off the 16 hour driving trip, second of all why would you fall asleep if the kid is driving. 
    \ni just dont get it, i started driving when i was 15 and when we would go on long trips it was always during the day with someone in the passengers seat awake and attentive keeping conversation in case i got tired. 
    \nthats just so weird they let him drive, and its shameful that they charged him with careless driving, this kid is probably going to try to kill himself, his whole family is dead because of him and you give him a citation how about you get him some fucking help.

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    Horrible situation. Knowing that he killed half his family is punishment enough.. If he even deserves it
  3. This is funny. I was just going through Pandora's box, and was thinking to myself...no Renee threads...that's weird.
  4. Gotta love Renee threads though man...
  5. Kid should have known his limits. Poor guy. Fuck those cops, as if his life isn't already ruined.
    My dad and I drove across country when I was 17, stopping only for gas. I drove probably the first 6 hours. Also drove through Kansas at night. The interstate is safer in the middle of the night. No one other than truck drivers, who are courteous drivers. Less chance of an accident IMO. 
    Also, what did you end up writing that paper about?
  7. I was driving safely at 14.

    Never so much as had a ticket in 15 years, knock on wood.

    I dont get your sudden need to blame the victim.. :confused_2:
    Poor kids gonna carry this burden the rest of his life.

    It could happen to ANYONE.
  8. millennials straying from religion. lol my professors probably hate me i talk about religion and politics so much. 
    well my dad would come and get me and my three sisters to drive back down to georgia, i remember when i was 16 or 17 i was doing a good 4-5 hours of the trip and though their isnt alot of drivers on the interstate at night, its very, very boring. especially from houston to georgia, when you get into the huge patches of woods with hardly any street lights i can see how it would be easy to fall asleep especially when your whole family is asleep, ya know? 
    i also hate trucks at night, ive encountered some drifters. 
  9. I can't even imagine...
  10. well im not trying to blame him, im just saying its weird that they would entrust a 16 year old driving on the interstate at night for hours while everyone slept. i would never. 
    i got my first ticket when i was 16 lol. going 40 in a 30 but i was down the street from my house, i had to go to court with teens who were there for drinking and driving, and stealing their parents cars. i cried my fucking eyes out unintentionally because i felt like a terrible person lol. the judge let me off and i dont have anything on my record. 
    thank goodness for my sensitivity in intense situations. lol 
  11. I get what you mean now.

    But like i said, his mom or dad coulda just nodded off with the heat on and radio low. Who knows, but i agree, perfect recipe for disaster.

    Cant imagine what hes going through. How do you back to that house?



    I couldnt take the guilt.
    Honestly, I can't comprehend falling asleep at the wheel like that. I've been super tired driving before, and sometimes I sort of zone out... but I've always been focused and alert. I just don't get how people can do that.  
    I get that it is shitty that it happened and getting cited just piles on... but that kind of was a reckless thing to do....
    If you think the citations are bad just wait for the wrongful death lawsuits. 
  13. reckless on the parents part or on the kids part? 
  14. Yes because if you break the law you shouldn't be held responsible, he's lucky they're not charging him with manslaughter or something.

    Using your logic anyone who kills someone in an accident should get a hug and a slap on the back. Next time some drunk or texter kills someone they shouldn't be held responsible because the other people around him should have been paying better attention and he didn't mean to right...
  15. Ive been so tired from driving i had to pull over, do jumping jacks, and splash water onto my face, then drive with the windows down and the music up.

    But not since i was a teenager.
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    Yeah using your logic is easy to categorize everything black and white.

    But using the rest of your senses is often required. Most young people nowadays use only their logic.

    People think too much and dont feel enough.

    Generation obsessed with punishment but never experienced any themselves.
  17. i cant imagine how my dad did it, when he was in the navy we would drive back and forth from georgia and virginia just me and him, i was probably 4 or 5 and would always fall asleep but we would always make it. i do remember he did have to pull over sometimes and grab some coffee and we would sing outkast songs together. im glad we made it. i could never drive that long and still be sane. 
  18. Fuck that..16 years old, that means they just got their license. Who the hell trusts a newly licensed driver that much? 
    The parents are to blame, although I'm sure the kid was probably really convincing about them letting him drive.
  19. He committed a crime...

    It doesn't matter how young he is, as a licensed driver you have certain responsibilities. I feel bad for people all the time but if you hand out passes based on feelings alone then where does it start and where does it stop...

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