16 Week Plants

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by fieldbaker, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, so this grow has been going since the start of January, 16 weeks in, probably only a month into flowering. I did this sort of as a spur the moment to see if it would even work kinda thing, so i am only using a total of 70W fluorescent tubes for 5 plants. Three plants are about three foot tall, then other two are about two feet tall. The plants look fairly healthy, but due to the weak lighting are growing slower, and i am afraid with fluorescents they may take forever to fully mature.

    So what i am looking for is suggestions for next steps. Is it worth it at this point in time to buy a more powerful light? OR (i live in southern ontario) put the plants outside within the next few weeks? It would not interfere with flowering as they are already sexed and outside offers about the same amount of day light i am offering. (If you put vegetative growth plants outside after 12+hours light they start sexing at any time of the year) Any and all suggestions would be welcomed!

    PS: to those who say growing is so hard blah blah blah, true, the more advanced efficient techniques can be time consuming. However, all i did was save some garbage bud seeds, throw them in some dirt (no special soil or ne thing, took it from my yard) and i have what is looking to be some very healthy plants!
  2. How big is your space? It would definitely help to add more light. The sun is still low on the horizon. If you do put them outside, make sure to transition them gradually. Got pics?

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