16 things u didnt know about hefner

Discussion in 'General' started by @WeedPalace, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I think I stumledupon this awhile ago. How I love those factoid charts
  2. 2,000...

    Yeah. I'm done.
  3. I can only imagine the things that went on in that grotto.

    Hate on.
  4. i cant respect any female who would fuck that old perv :)
  5. Interesting but the 4th fact is just stupid.

    9th cousins twice removed?

    That means absolutely nothing....

    I mean if you look at ANYONES extended family you will find some connection to a celebrity of some sort.

  6. gold diggers
  7. whata fuckin playa playa!
  8. yea well he prolly has a wrinkly prune dick so i dun give a fuck
  9. lmao!

    his 2 sons are so wack too.

  10. hahahahaha :wave:
  11. think of all the drugs that r in that house
  12. 2,000?!? that makes my 8 look pathetic :eek:
  13. [​IMG]
  14. I heard it's quite the effort for him to get hard these days, but hey what do you expect, you put 200,000 miles on the car, it's bound to break down quite often or die all together.
  15. Imagine all that wear and tear... or not...
  16. gotta respect hef...borrowed a little bit of money and flipped it into a dream

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