16 plants in veg!

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  1. I’ve got 16 plants in veg, 6 big and 10 smaller.
    I’m about to transfer to bigger pots tomorrow and set them in scrog!
    It’s northern lights and white widow.

    Going for 6 pound this time, my second run.

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  2. Only problem with your grow is it isnt in my house.

    Lookin' good.
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  3. Haha i feel you bro!
    Thank you:)
  4. Step 2, transplanted to bigger pots now.
    6 15 gallon, 6 10 gallon and 4 7 gallon dirtpots.
    Moved the plant towards the wall to use the reflecting mylar.
    My final grow setup will be looking like a short u.
    Now I’m using 4x400w MH, but will soon move the other 2 lamps I got and will blast them with 6x400 MH.
    Light footprint are about 80 sq ft so going to veg them a until im about 70% full.
    Going to install the scrog next week.

    I’ll post a picture of the measurement of the growroom when I’ll flip to flower.

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