16 ounce plant - Northern Lights #1 by The Doggies Nuts / Pukka Seeds

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  1. This information was supplied to me via a third party with all the documentation associated with legal medical research performed in Europe.

    The documentation and portfolio of evidence of the overall yield and methods used is undeniable.

    This was an experiment to help validate the medicinal properties of cannabis and was part of a European initiative to prove that these plants are what they are medicine!

    The grow room was set up similar to attached picture growroom.jpg the main difference was quality reflectors where used instead of air-cooled reflectors.

    All equipment was supplied by Esoteric Hydroponics Ltd.
    Seeds supplied from Pukka Seeds Ltd were the Doggies Nuts Northern Lights #1


    24 multi pod flood and drain system, four 600 watt quality high pressure sodium son-t-agro lights, four 600 watt metal halide 600 watt lamps, 4k contactor relay and timer, 200mm lti extraction fan, 200mm carbon filter, 2 x 150mm lti extraction fan, 4 way spigot manifold, 10m of 125mm ducting, prima environmental controller, ozone generator, unis co2 regulator, co2 bottle, oil filled radiator, floor mounted fan, constant check pH meter, constant check EC meter, min/max thermo/hygro meter, 24 super charged turbo aeration system, analog timer, 4 sets of easy rollers, 25m mylar

    Pod system size: 1050mm x 1650mm x 300mm high.
    Reservoir volume: 220 litres.

    Vegetation period: 4 x 600 Watts MH
    Flower period: 4 x 600 Watts HPS

    House & Garden / Tree of Life

    House & Garden

    11 Days

    11 Days

    9 Weeks

    Dry Weight:
    Heaviest plant 16 ounces, 3 grams


    Title Medicinal Cannabis
    Class Project Status Announced-28-Jun-2002
    Partner sought No Technological Area Medical and Biotechnology
    Start Date 01-Feb-2002 End date 01-Feb-2006
    Duration(months) 48 Actual cost (MEuro) 7.6
    Summary Based On Cannabis Metabolomics, Cannabis Smoke-Analysis And Advanced Extraction

    Techniques, Tailor-Made Well-Defined Extractions Will Be Made For Different Medical Applications And New

    Techniques For Oral Administration Will Be Developed.

    Budget and Duration
    Phase Budget (MEURO) Duration (Months)
    Definition phase 5.7 36
    Implementation phase 1.9 12
    Total 7.6 48

    Member Contribution
    Member Contribution Position
    The Netherlands 76.40% Contact Member
    Italy 11.80% Participating Member
    United Kingdom 11.80% Participating Member

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  2. dude that fucking blows my mind. absolutely amazing. :smoke: :D
  3. I am green with envy;)
  4. I hate my job, why can't i do this for a living.
  5. Radiator....!!! Brilliant, why didn't I think of that, so obvious!! The diagram is superb.
    Great post mate!
  6. 16oz off one plant? That's complete shite. That plant must have been grown by the dumbest person on earth! I could pull more than that out of my arse nevermind a pot.

    Incase no one notices, I am having a laugh. That's some spankin' plants. +rep! <:)
  7. How did you make that illustration? It looks way too good to be hand drawn... I've been looking for a program that could design a grow room for months now...

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