16 day old plants small . help!!!!

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  1. hey i just started these 16 days ago from some seeds o found in a bag of sensi star. they are quite small from others ive seen. im using 2 19w cfl lights close to them. i know its not enough but its what i got. will they make it. how can i help? any ideas???


    this one seems darker than the others could this be a problem or could it be a male and the others are female or vice versa




  2. Any thoughts?
  3. They won't make it through flower like that, the only way they'll grow is more lights, at least 3x as much. You can do that for like $20, maybe $30
  4. Im not exactly sure where you get off determining the sex of an immature plant based off of the color, thats simply a result of genetics, nutrient toxicity, deficiency or none of the above. It seems you need more light and with the right spectrum, day light 5000-6500 k color temperature. Also what soil is it in? Even if you have all the right conditions some seeds just result in weak and poor plants, you weed them out and you move on. Do you have air flowing through your grow area? Are the temps alright?

    Your growing medium looks poor, nutrientless and the soil must be compacted, your roots are not getting enough oxygen and your plant is not getting enough nitrogen (Along with 50 other things it seems like, in that soil)
  5. Hey man youre plants actually look pretty good. Your about 6 days ahead of me and mine are starting there second set of true leaves. I'm growing a Jack Herer that is currently the biggest but also has that purple tent on top and below the leaves but hopefully its just genetics.
  6. I'll keep this thread up and keep postin!!! I have a good feeling about these plants . I know I need more light and I wasn't trying to determine sex , it was just a thought. Thanks flipdedank. It sounds your on the same track I am which can't be bad cause our plants are still alive lol. What's your setup?
  7. Your lighting system is weak...your soil looks like dirt from a baseball field and get rid of that tinfoil. Also I don't see a fan. All of those could have contributed to the small size, and for 16 days old....their small lol.

    Id spend a couple bucks on some better soil and add some peralite to it.

    Next go buy yourself some 26 actual watt 6500k daylight light bulbs. Id say 3-4. $12.87 for a 2 pack where im from at Walmart. While at walmart get yourself a fan and a timer. $20 tops for both.

    For now keep them lights on them for 24hrs a day for about 2-3 weeks. Add some nutrients to them about a week from now. I use Alaskan Fish Fertilizer, $10 a bottle and it'll last you forever lol. You can find that at Lowes or a hydro shop.

    Report back when you get things rolling. :)

    I've seen plenty worse grows, so don't feel too bad lol
  8. Hey they dont look bad at all, a little small.

    Like the others said, you simply dont have enough light.. especially for 4 plants.

    Also, it looks like one or two of them are in clear cups/buckets.. transplant them or duck tape around them. Roots absolutely hate light and wont grow near it so if light shines through those cups thats bad
  9. Well there is a fan in there I hope to get more lighting soon, I have better soil but do I just put it on top of whats already there or what ?
  10. No, that will only solve your nutrient problem not your aeration problem, transplant into the new soil, which by the way is what?
  11. It says top soil , not sure of nute content
  12. Oh man you have a lot of reading ahead of you. First of all topsoil has essentially none of the nutrients you need, and apart from that its fairly acidic (or will become acidic) with time due to the bark and such in the soil. By appearance it looks rich but is actually quite the opposite.

    You need perlite, humus (Organic matter of some kind, think worm castings, manure, alfalfa meal, you get the drift) garden lime to raise the ph once those fertilizers are added and if you're not limited to buying...
    Azomite or some glacial rock dust for bacteria to "hold onto" as well as providing micro nutrients
    Compost (maybe you make your own?)
    Supplies for AACT's such as air stones and bubblers
    Smart pots (air pruning, and you need to transplant to something bigger eventually)
    pH tester
    the list goes on.
  13. Here's mine ten days from seed


  14. Whats the nlb mean? Dont forget to cover up those stems well when you transplant for good root growth and vertical growth as well, looking good so far. How did you rig those lights? I like that set up.
  15. [quote name='"fuzzyOne401"']Here's mine ten days from seed



    You need more light also.
  16. [quote name='"letsgojackets"']

    You need more light also.[/quote]

    I have an 8 tube t5 over 8 seedlings how much more light could I possibly need
  17. [quote name='"Vox Continental"']Whats the nlb mean? Dont forget to cover up those stems well when you transplant for good root growth and vertical growth as well, looking good so far. How did you rig those lights? I like that set up.[/quote]

    Nlb is northern lights blue. Got five of those one aroma one Bubba Kush and one vintage 06 whatever that is
  18. Thanks for all help , but I have no money to buy that stuff. Nice list though and thanks for your advice. Il keep it posted on how these plants go!!!
  19. I have a feeling this guy is living with his rents... but its all good man.
  20. [quote name='"fuzzyOne401"']

    I have an 8 tube t5 over 8 seedlings how much more light could I possibly need[/quote]

    Then y r they stretched?

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