16 arm illadelph style bong

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  1. 125 bucks
    Yay or Nay

    No I'm not buying this because its from a online shop that I don't know if its trust worthy or not
  2. looks pretty legit. pm me that site :p:

  3. Ok
    There's a video to
  4. My bad that's not the 16 arm this is with a 11 arm ashcatcher both for 200 on ioffer
    I don't know why there is no downstem
  5. 200+s&H on ioffer or is it 200 flat? Anyways that is a ballin deal for a nice piece of glass.
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    Idk if its just me but the joint on that thing looks horrible^^^^
  7. yeah idk about those man, they just look kinda... off.
  8. They are import from jiyeglass. One of the lowest quality boro suppliers in china.
  9. i thought the same thing as weshowly, it just doesn't seem right. but if its legit thats a sick price
  10. ioffer is way to sketchy.... I see so many "deals" when theres like 20 similar "deals" with the exact same pictures, going on at once.

    For $200, hmm id say save another hundy and get SGW waffle stemline, and you know forsure its an epic peice. Worth the extra hundy imo. Compared to the waffle, that tree perc setup is meh.
  11. Hell no. For 200 bills you might as well save up an extra hundo and get an Stoneglassworks waffle or something. stay away from the china glass if your expecting a highend piece which i expect you are, don't buy.
  12. nay, good sir, nay
  13. Y'all got it all wrong I'm not buying those I just wanted to get some opinions

  14. Well IMO, i think the base looks bad, the joint doesn't look like its positioned correctly, AND the perc looks flimsy.

    That is my opinion on the tube in your second post :smoke:
  15. yea not too sure if those are legit...where is the "illadelph" label on either?? not to mention the joints and bases look very china-ish.
  16. that first 16 arm perc looks nuts though.
  17. I ordered the setup so I'll let you know how it goes. But the percs are reinforced and look super strong i got some up close pics of it. I get it on monday so we'll see...
  18. I bought an 11-arm all clear 6mm boro from ioffer and got the 11-arm ash catcher as well. Both have reinforcements on the trees (which I see in about 5%-10% of tree percs) and is extremely sturdy. My joint looks a lot better than the one on the pic posted on page 1 as you can see.




  19. Nice! Hows it hit? How do you like it?
  20. you will be happy with your purchase, trust me. It is a very smooth rip but packs a punch. Throw some ice in there too

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