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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by eyesgrower, May 26, 2003.

  1. It's my first time growing. dropped the seeds 15 days ago. Any suggestions?

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  2. what strain is it??.....Peace out.......Sid

  3. I have 4 bubble gums, 3 white widow, and one skunk #1, the ones showing are bg except for the front right which is a ww. growing them under 430w sun agro light. Nothing else except for soil water and light.

    The plants seem short and fat. is it because of the light?
  4. those plants r great looking good job hope u get lots of smoke off them
  5. The plants seem short and fat. is it because of the light?

    yes.....due to having them under the HPS when they're young, and keeping the light close.......good job!....looking really healthy........i imagine the skunk#1 will start to grow a lot faster from now on.....being a sativa an all......Peace out......Sid
  6. say hi :)

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  7. did some pruning and training this past weekend

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  8. Help! her leaves are folding :(

    I watered her like others, she's my only skunk. She's so skinny :(

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  9. mmmmm.....looks like a problem with heat......what's the temp in the room?.......what's happening is the plant is getting too hot, and it is not getting the water to the leaves fast enough as it is being evaporated too fast, and as a result the plant curls the leaves to try to protect itself......what is the light schedule?........if it's 24/0, i'd drop it back to 18/6 and spray the leaves a few times a day.......say 4 times, and see how it goes.......put a thermometer across the top of the plant and make sure it doesn't go above 80 degrees farenheit, if it does, raise the light a bit.........hopefully that will help it.........Peace out......Sid
  10. Thanks sid. My grow room tempertures varies from low 70's to mid 80's. I have been running the light 24/0, since the last post, I have moved the plant out of the heat spot, and did some misting. hopefully, that will cure the problem. If not, my next step will be cutting back to 18/6.
  11. Everything is doing good. the skunk has been fine since I switched to 18/6. The genetic difference between the plants are showing. skunk is skinny and tall, bb are bushing, and ww are smallest of them all.

    Sid, do you recommend induce flowering at week4? the average heights are around 8-9 inch right now and should get reach 12+ at the end of week3. I am running out of room in my closet. It would be nice to eliminate the males early and transplot the ladies to 5 gallon pots. they are filling up their 1.5 gallon very quick.
  12. if i were you i'd transplant them all to 5 gallon pots if possible to avoid causing any stress during the flowering cycle, which could possibly turn the plant hermie.....then switch the lighting and tell sex from there.........i usually trigger at 12"...........Peace out........Sid
  13. hey.. i've never grown before i was wondering how long does it take from when you plant to harvesting??

    by the way.. im pretty new here so and i dont know anyone..

    soo... hello!
  14. my crops :D

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  15. update on the skunk. now stand 14" tall

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  16. is this sign of male pre flower?

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  17. close-up #2

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  18. PhishPhan, from a newbie the a newbie. Welcome :D

    If I start flowering next week, I am looking to harvest around end of July, early Aug.

    This is my first time growing and I don't know anything about MJ :) Just learning as I go, I am just seeking advise from big guys in here like sid. Peace out dude [​IMG]

  19. Sid, as you can see in the pics. I don't really have much growing space. My closet is 22"x48". I guess I made a newbie mistake of not planning ahead ;)

    I am just taking this first try as a practice, hopefully if they turn out 50/50 then I'll have 4 ladies to flower on. I am not a big smoker ;) peace out [​IMG]
  20. Those look good eyesgrower, maybe try to put them in 3gallon if you don't have the room for 5g.

    PhishPhan hey.. i've never grown before i was wondering how long does it take from when you plant to harvesting??

    Depends on how long you Veg for... i veg for 3weeks and then bloom for 8weeks. Give or take a couple days of courese.

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