15mg percs

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. my buddy just hooked me up with 2 15mg percs for 20.

    he said crushing them and railing them is better.. anyone else agree?
  2. It's actually a roxi. They're extremely small so theres minimal filler.

    10 a piece is a little steep but they're godly and worth it if you got the cash, I was actually going to get one today but he said I couldn't just buy one :( . Easily my favorite pain pill.

    I've ate them and railed them. Eating one had me buzzed for about 6-7 hours. Railing gave me just about the same thing. Either way you're styling. I'd toot half and pop half.
  3. after my classes tomorrow i was plannin on railin te other half and poppin a whole...

    i railed half a pill tonigt and i can feel it for sure. plus ive had 4 beers and 3 shots earlier
  4. i deff like railing them....
  5. Railing pills is ehhhh too many pill binders that can fuck up your nose.
  6. Thats why they're nice. 3 percs would be a lot but it's all that in the smallest pill you'll see. They have extremely little filler compared to other pills. Nothings really pleasant to snort but if it had to be anything I'd rather do these.
  7. Yeah you are right, perks i wouldnt even think about snorting because of the APAP but i mean straight 15 mg roxies arent SO bad.

    Still, snorting anything is not 'healthy'.
  8. i used to be kinda hooked on coke. i dont do coke anymore. but these things were small and 15mg so i figured there wasnt too much filler.... it didnt realy burn or anything. and within a min or 2 i could feel a head buzz and my face got kidna numb
  9. There's no APAP in Percocets.

    I say, snort one and swallow one.
  10. ummm
    Percocet tablets (oxycodone with acetaminophen)
  11. yes there is, maybe you mean roxicodone
  12. Yeah, you guys are right about the Percs. My bad guys.

    This is what I got that my Johnny Dependable thought was Percocet.

  13. ah painkillers..i don't think you can get a better high than combining them with weed, i remember when i used to rail 20mg oxys..i would always get a little nauseous but if i smoked some weed i'd feel fine. so you should definitely smoke when taking them.
  14. First time I did oxy's I threw up atleast 20 times and was distroyed. Wasn't nauseous though... Felt wonderful.
  15. dont fuckin rail them


    look it up and perform it.
  16. Why would you need to extract them?

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