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15grams of weed... gone mouldy???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thefence, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. hey, i have established a new contact recently, where i get an oz of the good shit for £110 (bargain, good smoke).

    however, it appears that the weed was pretty damp when i got it (tho at the price its still a good deal!)

    i split the oz into several 3g baggies (for personal use to make it easier to understand how much ive had) and put them into a mason jar which ive assumed is airtight.

    anyway, its been like 4-5days since the purchase, and ive noticed some of the stuff has what looks like white mould on it??? as in 15g of supply???? o.o

    is there anything i can do? the stuff has taken a rather musky almost mould like smell, i thought maybe i could cut it off... anyone had experiance with this?

    next purchase decided ill purchase a superior jar, and dry the stuff out before putting it away and such.... but is it possible to save the current lot?
  2. pictures would be nice my good sir
  3. QWISO is better than throwing it in the trash, and is prolly the healthiest option.
  4. could you explain to me what QWISO is please? :)

    and I can possibly take a picture of it tomorrow, though won't be great quality.

    forgot to add today I dried the weed out in an attempt to stop any growth of the mould, so weed is more dry now but personally im unwilling to go near it for a while lol.... :/
  5. Quick Wash Iso Hash, use the search function to find a good guide.
  6. interesting, i assume the 15g will be enough?

    how about turning the weed into brownies? would that remove the mould or not be a good idea at all haha.

    from what i understand main issue with the mould is it can give off nasty toxins when burned, and maybe when put in a saucepan when making cannabutter would either remove the problem, or make it worst lol
  7. I would guess it would work, as it is essentially the same as QWISO where the THC is being absorbed. If you do go the brownie route, definitely use a recipe that uses cannabutter.
  8. Make some Butane Honey Oil with it. :)
  9. yeah the fact that its not dried properly is the reason why your getting that discount if i was you id deffinetly dry your product it probbably is mold soo your gonna have to get rid of it
  10. it wasnt like properly damp, just not perfectly cured i guess.

    yeah im gonna dry out everything i get in future! sounds a bit dumb but does anyone have a rougth idea how much weight drying out weed removes roughtly?

    say i had an ounce of weed picked off a plant (so as wet as it gets naturally, im very aware there is so many variables here and such like how wet it is.. :S), then dried it, how much roughtly estimated would you guys say it weighs?

    do we have any more opinions on making brownies out of the slightly moudly weed? would be apprchiated... :)

    and big thanks all!
  11. i bought a wet ounce once because the deal was too good to pass dried like 3-4 grams, haha i was mad disappointed, but i got the deal at the a good price even after it dried out so i was sweatin nothing.
  12. next time you purchase, examine the buds more closely and do a squeeze / mositure check. Determine how much moisture is in the bud, smoking it is also a good method, depending on how it burns.

    If the buds are moist, procede to put them in the jar for further curing, but open the jar everyday AT LEAST once, for 5 to 10 mins to allow water vapor to escape.

    Do this until your buds are perfect for you. Then seal and open as necessary. :smoking:

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