Discussion in 'General' started by Shadow_Song40, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. Well guess what.....I just got expelled from school AGAIN for the second time this year.I'm so depressed right now i cant think of anything. I have to take this for a year. The thing im sad about the most are 1.My friends 2.My reputation. Guys what do i do......How do i cheer myself up so i can go through this.It really sucks. :(
  2. Hey, if I were you, I'd smoke a bowl or 5 :) That's what I usually do when something's got me down... It will take the initial shock off of what happened... After that you can clear your mind enough to think about things.
  3. why did you get expelled?
  4. yes, why were you expelled?
  5. Someone was a fuckin rat "And i know exactly who too" and went and told on me for havin seeds that my friend gave me.So now im expelled for a whole year.
  6. probably pretty stupid but oh well im still depressed.
  7. that little narc is a dick! that sucks to get you in so much trouble over seeds
  8. that blows
    don't get sad, get even
  9. did you get in any real trouble, like with the cops. you shouldn't be depressed over this i'd like to get kicked out of school again. if you really worry about your reputation then you have bigger problems. you shouldn't have to worry about what people think about you.
  10. what da FUCK!?
    gettin expelled for seeds?
    god damn, good thing I wasnt caught, once I had em with me in school. Do they even have any mother fuckin TCH in them?
  11. Well im not really worried about that....Mostly depressed cuz i see my friends for a whole year.Butr oh well im actually havin a good day today.But thanks to alll of you for listening!
  12. sorry to not let an old thread die but hey man ive been kicked outta enough schools for 5 fuckups... just make sure all your buddies know your home during the day and they got somewhere 2 go and you got sumthin to do when they skip skewl... or thats how it worked 4 me anyway

    i would worry about doin the grade over again personally.. its a pain in the ass, especialy if your smart

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