150watt hps?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Panda85, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. so i just picked up a 150watt hps to flower a single plant and jw what other peoples results are using only a 150watter?

    how close do u put these?

    im also using a 125watt cfl totaling about 21k lumens for a single large plant in a box 2.5ft x 4ft x 5.5ft tall right now the hps is about 10in from the scrog canopy temps are about 75 - low 80s in the box
  2. I had a 150w when I first started, mine has the built in ballast and puts out a decent amount of heat, I used to keep it about 18-20" above the plants.
  3. Good luck man!
  4. i grew 4 og's under a 150 watt hps. got 46 grams dry. keep the lights as close as u can without burning the leaves. i keep mine 12 inches away. anymore then that and i start seeing lots of stretching
  5. I'm growing with a 150w hps and some cfls for side lighting check out the link in my sig.
  6. nice... the tops to my plant fill out about a 2'x2' area and i actually measured the distance from the light which is about 9". i have a big box fan blowing upward through the canopy/screen and temps stay between 75-85 depending on outside temps. its looking like they are loving it also =]

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