150watt cfl for flowering

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  1. The only 150watt cfl I can find on 1000bulbs.com is a full spectrum 5000k. From my understanding this bulb would be good for the vegetative state not for flowering. Does anyone know if I am wrong or if there is a place to get the same type of bulb for flowering

  2. You really have to go by the light spectrum of the bulb. It should be in the description, under the price. Full spectrum, is best suited for Veg, as the colors are more so, Purple, Green, Orange, and a tough of yellow ( all in a bar/graft style ).

    And for 12/12 go with, High Spike of Yellow, mid Orange, mid - low red. ( all in a bar/graft style ).

    I hope this helps somewhat.
  3. 6500K for vegging and 2700K for flowering Heres a Link to The 2700K Bulb Lowes Carries Them Not Sure Of Any others. http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=62579-3-29786&lpage=none Look for the 150 Watt Replacement Bulbs for Flowering They are typically around 40-42 WATTS Actual Wattage and My Rule Is one of these bulbs per flowering plant. ten bucks each at lowes and i use 4 for flowering along with the vegging bulbs 2 of these just for added lumens. Heres Some Very USEFUL Info For YOu Man, SOFT WHITE Bulbs are for flowering and bulbs labeled DAYLIGHT are for vegging and Supplemental lighting for flowering. Im subscribed man im new also trying to get this shit sorted out.
  4. I am talking about a 150watt actual bulb. Here is the link http://www.1000bulbs.com/150-to-200-Watt-Compact-Fluorscent/34614/

    thanks for the help though I do appreciate it. I am looking for something similar to the bulb in the link above for flowering. And I am assuming that bulb is good for veg again thanks for the help guys
  5. This does somewhat help, but I am still not sure where to find one because that is the only one 1000bulbs.com has

  6. Home Depot, has a wonderful ( big ) selection of bulbs, whatever, your needs are.

  7. I will have to go there and take a look i just checked there website and couldnt find any cfls with a 150watt actual wattage

  8. Ya, I here you. There Web site has nothing to offer. But once your in the doors, its a whole new ballgame.

  9. Thanks man I will check there later today. I just checked on ebay and they have 125 watt 2700k bulbs for like 60 dollars so I can always use that as a last resort thanks everyone my question is answered
  10. I havn't found a 150w 2700k lamp, but my local shop does stock a 200w 2700k lamp link.

    As the other posters in this thread have mentioned, there are other stores that will stock a variety of lower wattage bulbs. If you are shooting for 150w total, and don't mind using multiple bulbs to achieve this, then you can go this way. I got my 42w 2700k CFL's from Target for something like $8/each. They don't have the actual color temp on the package, but they're labeled Warm White I think. They're GE bulbs and GE's website has the actual color temps for that model listed.

  11. thanks after looking on ebay I think I would have to get the 200w 2700k bulb there isnt a 150 as far as I know. I think the big bulb supplemented with some little ones will work even better thanks for the reply
  12. I know the high wattage cfls at depot are by the security lights. But, the ones I saw dont have a ballast and have to be used with a fixture that has a ballast.

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