150w MH/HPS system? do they make em?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by iCultivate, May 26, 2010.

  1. lemme see
  2. These sunsystem HPS Hoods with built in ballasts are probably the most popular 150w model.
    They cost between $80-$120 on eBay.

    Main drawback with them though is that you have the ballast in your grow area, so you might get heat troubles.
    Theres plenty of smaller ballasts you can find though, from 70, 100, 150, 200, 250w etc, and then you can use a cooltube and have the ballast ouside the growroom..

    For a one stop simple solution the sunsystem hood is probably the way to go.
  3. totally just IMO, but if you're going HID no reason to go under 400w.

    At least 250w, just imo

  4. It would all depend on how many plants you were planning on growing, wouldn't it ;)

    You need 10,000 lumens to grow one plant properly, and a 150w system will put out 16,000 lumens. plenty for one plant, or even 2 plants (and equals 200-250watts of CFL lighting, so a much more effecient way to grow 1-2 plants)
  5. I'm just practicing being a light salesman. :wave: :smoke:

    idk man, seems like a lot of effort for 2 plants, assuming you're gonna need to cool that thing and everything.
  6. I deffiently agree with you there.

    I'm saving fo a (small) digital ballast atm, so i can use a cool tube, and keep all the heat out of my grow area.
    Cooling (and fires) is my main concern.

    Theres alot of journals around the web with those sunsystem hoods though, so they do produce some nice buds if your just looking todo a small "hobby" grow.
  7. I have 2, 150 watt hps lamps in a open 10x8 room and they are fine with just a little fan blowing over them. Temps get between 75 and 82 depending on humidity and the outside temp. I have had 1 400 watt hps in the same room under the same conditions and it would easily get into the 90's without a blower running 24/7.

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