150w hps?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jah421, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. im growing in my closet its a walkin one so i have alot of room but my babys are in the corner but i can move them whenever to make more space.
  2. yes for sure the 150hps can produce. now the 150hps sun system has a metal halide conversion bulb. I add a little cfl lighting on the side for side lighting. You can check out my current grow to see my setup and also in my sig was my last harvest off a 150. Good luck!
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    it should work just fine. if you can throw in either some low (70-75) watt hps or some cfl's for supplimental lighting. i dont care what anyone says, it really does help. one of my girls is about two weeks into flowering and shes getting close to 3'(feet wide)x3'(feet wide)x40''(tall). even if not youll still be very happy with a 150 watt hps. they work wonders :)

    heres why supplimental lighting for hps is good...this is the girl im talking about. note the space is 3 ft wide...

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