150W HPS or Multiple CFL's (136 Total Watts) for Micro

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  1. I have done a LOT of searching and reading on this - both in this forum and the 'net in general. I am preparing to begin a micro grow over the next several months. I have some Blue Widow from HGS, and will start with them. I'll end up with one or two plants after sexing - nothing big, just for personal smoke.

    I'll probably end up with a box the size of a small vanity cabinet (like a single bathroom sink cabinet). I'm not planning to go with a PC cabinet or something that small. So maybe 18"x18"x36", or something in that general range.

    I am considering a 150W HPS with a remote ballast outside the cabinet, for heat purposes. I know the lamp puts out the heat and IR as well, and I'll have to ventilate well. Also, I realize I cannot get it too close to the plants (6-8 inches?).

    So my question is this: Is it better to use CFL's (probably four total - two 42W and two 26W) since I can keep them within an inch or two of the ladies?

    If I go with the HPS, I have to keep it higher for sure. Also, if the plants stretch too high I'm screwed due to the small space. I will most likely LST these to maximize efficiency.

    I've seen some damn fine grows with straight CFL's in this subforum. I'm just wanting personal smoke, not bud porn nor to sell, so I don't need to get crazy with it. I do, however, want maximum efficiency from this and safety too, if the fans were to die.

    All comments are apppreciated! This will be my first indoor grow.
  2. go with a cfl grow, hps you would have to get a hood with a cool tube over the bulb, you can make your own but....either way it gets costly. hps gets very hot. cfls dont. hps sucks hydro. cfls dont.
  3. Watch my cabinet grow. I did away with my CFLs and got a 250 hid. I don't know how the temps will be but I will definitely be posting it soon. I am installing the ducting this week and will be testing it. Soon I will know if I screwed up.
  4. both have their advantages...watt for watt a hps can actually be easier to cool being able to mount the ballast outside, while cfls have the ballast attached (cept pll's ;) )

    quality is close to the same...hps will get you a little more yield but cfl will get a little more flavor.

    as chicoco said cfls will be much easier to mount then hps, and take up less room...think long and hard about what will suit your needs and space the best, and build from there.

    Do what's easiest for you so that you can get started asap...improvements and modifications can always be done later. Always start with the lights and venting...the rest works itself out.
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    I don't know that CFLs are easier to mount. You've got to get sockets and other stuff. I simply mounted my hid with a couple screws.

    You can plug CFLs into power strips but
    that seems a little dodgy to me. If one falls out of the strip it's gonna shatter all over your plants.
  6. Thanks for the wisdom, it is appreciated. Yeah my concern is the heat, plus I can't get the HPS too close. In a little space like this, I'm afraid I could burn the plants if they were to stretch too much. I will have to LST for efficiency, I can get the CFL's up close and personal with the plants.

    I'm a little concerned about the PAR for the HPS during the veg stage (I've read that HPS can cause stretching during veg, as opposed to CFL), but I guess they are widely used for this anyway for larger grows. Probably doesn't matter a huge amount.

    Wattage-wise, I'll probably be about the same either way (and all the CFL ballasts will be inside of course, putting forth heat) so I think that total internal heat generated may be about equal for either option. I plan to ventilate well either way.

    ...and that's where I get a little stumped - since the HPS efficiency/lumen output is quite a bit more than the CFL's. I'll probably go with CFL's this first go, as I've seen some really good micro-grows using them.

    I'm only in this for personal stash, anyway....:)
  7. Try CFLs and see what the heat is like and you can upgrade later. 150 hps's are cheap.
  8. If you could go with hps, with cfls your gonna need to add like a week or 2 to your harvest date cause they take a little longer. Cfls maybe low heat but they don't compare in results. Hps will always produce denser, fatter, and bigger buds. If you can't use the hps get one of those 200w cfls way easier than a bunch of different bulbs

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