150w hps mini fridge perpetual sog grow

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by PotheadRoy1, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Just screw it back on you will be good.

    Your temps might run high if you dont remove any insulation.

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  2. Iv heard that it doesn't work.

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  3. I'm going to look into this a bit more. You're probably correct though
  4. Make sure your temps are good before you get to far in, I set up a 125w cfl in a fridge and temps were above 40c with insulation removed. Good luck dude!
  5. Took your advise pothead and ripped out the insulation. After removing it the outside side panels wouldn't screw back on so you cant even tell it ever was a fridge, which i really don't care cause i don't need it to be stealthY just enclosed. All that's left really is the white plastic inner shell, the door which isn't fully back together since the sides are off. And the bottom metal piece whichi flipped the fridge upside down so i have more room and so i havethe metal piece to hook the light hooks on. Got a random bag seed in a rockwool cube and a lemon Kush in a coco/perlite mix. I'm gonna due a side by side dwc/coco grow comparison so i can see what works best in it. Soon as one sprouts all be making a journal
  6. Wow, only 150 watts? I didn't know you can grow with such little light. Learning everyday
  7. You could grow with 25w, I'm sure its all about how many lumens a bulb produces not the watts, like a cfl bulb is low watt but puts out high lumens.
  8. So here's a pic of my box after everything. Now for some reason the bottom of the box hits 74-85 which is drastically lower than before but now u notice the top us always about 4 degrees lower than the bottom all the time. do you have the same problem, should i put a fan facing up to push the hot air up?

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  9. Haha nice I didn't remove all the insulation in my fridge just what I could witch was back top and the door. I flipped my fridge upside down as well for more room as you can see in my pics but sounds like a good idea running both to see witch works better for you but as for me I only use soil.

    Thats the temp mine ranges at but yes you need a personal fan or some type of fan to move air inside.

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  10. Here is my other cab I have going 400w hps 3 blue dream 3 the dope day 35 since the flip harvest day is april 11 very excited for this one! XD
    My fridge is currently off till my clones root witch should be ina couple of days! Happy growing GC

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  11. Amazing man! Yea i mounted a 48cfm fan blowing air across the bulb and now temps on the bottom are 80-84 and top is 86-89. Lemon Kush just popped surface so my journal will be up tomorrow or today if time permits. Yea it looks shitty as hell but stealth isn't a problem the only thing that i can see going bad now is since the door rubber wasn't screwed onto the Frame it just locked onto the plastic i had to screw it onto the door which caused it to bend and let out ALOT of light and air which possibly wrecked my negative pressure.
  12. And i decided not to so dwc since i don't have the nutrients I'll just stick to my Coco, I've grown peppers for about a year with coco so i know some stuff about it.
  13. Nice! But you have to take care of that leak not just for negative pressure but so light doesn't go in on lights off!

    Whatever you fill comfortable with doing go for it.

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  14. Do you keep the light at the top threw the whole grow?
  15. Yes I do

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  16. And no stretching happens?
  17. Stretching is always going to occur specially during the first 2-3 weeks of flower what you can do is put something below your pots to raise them.

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  18. Alright thanks man. I fell and broke the dam fridge so know I'm worKing on a dishwasher lol just bought a 240cfm duct fan so it should b be overkill whichis good lmao
  19. Whats up GC so tonight I check on my BD clones and two of them have rooted! XD so they went right into flower and my journey starts im planning on adding 2 clones every 1-2weeks till my cab is full heres a pic of the two girls that went in tonight

    ) 1395640496637.jpg

    & here is a pic of my 400w cab as well :D


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  20. Awesome mini fridge idea! I'd appreciate any tips on my post if Ya get a chance on my first grow, thanks!

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