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  1. realisticly what can i expect, my closet is 4x4x9 and im using 150w hps for the entire organic grow using advanced nutes senigrow and sensi bloom 2 part ferts. and im growing in ocean forest soil. i guess my main question is space wise what would be the max amount of plants i could successfully grow in there and what would be the best way to produce the max amount of bud? should i do an SOG and lolipop alot of plants or should i keep the amount of plants small and LST/scrog? time wise would i be able to harvest with 2 weeks of veg and 6 weeks of flower for either? ive thrown some seeds in the ground before and let em pop up but im trying to do this the correct way...pictures to come soon hopefully
  2. 2x2 at most in flower, I would scrog them.
  3. I would flower 1-2 plants under a 150 in 5 gal buckets. You can scrog if you want, but it's pretty easy to maintain an even canopy with one plant just by tying string to the branches and securing them to the pot whereas scrogging is a little more work and your plant will be immobilized. Since your plant will be immobilized, flushing and pruning can be more difficult depending on your setup. Scrogging will help maximize yield under certain conditions when verticle space is limited, but beyond that I see it more as a personal preference.

    I've tried a few growing methods, the best ones are the simplest, cheapest, and don't require much work at all. Really, the most difficult part about growing indoors is building your setup. Light-proof, reflective walls, plenty of circulation, ventilation, light, temp control, and last but not least, patience.

    I've heard of 6-week flowering times, but I've never experienced one. I did a 12/12 from seed and it still took 10 weeks for an 8-week strain to finish because it will veg for the first 10 days or so anyway. The people who claim 45 day flowering times are using clones from specific strains, but I'm still skeptical about it.

    If I was you, I would veg 2 plants for 6 weeks from seed, topping and training along the way. 4oz at harvest (8-9 weeks after flowering begins) with a good strain if your soil and nutes are right. Setup a seperate veg area with cfls and you can harvest a qp every 2 months, or 2 ounces every month (I hate trimming, like to harvest all at once instead of staggering/perpetual harvests) Either way, plan on buying weed for the next 3 months or so until you harvest. (don't grow yourself short, I've gone through an entire harvest in 3 weeks and found myself right back where i started... buying fucking weed :mad:)

    Good luck bro!!!
  4. Here is my 2 cents.

    150w should be used to grow one plant, two at the VERY most.

    that closet can realistically fit 4 plants in it at their peak.

    4 plants, you could get by with a 400w, but i would suggest 600w. (1000w would be unneeded)


    if you stick with a 150w - dont try to grow more than 2
    if you go with a 400/600 - 4 plants will be your max (space wise)
  5. i was thinking 3 plants...but my goal is to get the most out of my harvest as possible, ventilation and air are not an issue in my closet nor is lighting i dont think. the walls are white and reflect light quite well. and the temp stays around 75-85 fluctuating during the day in there since the a/c runs through it. i was told an SOG would be ideal for a closet like mine but as i said before im more concerened about the yield 4 ounces every 2 months sounds like a good start, what would be the best way to achieve that.

  6. you can do more than that with it but for a closet of said sized id go with 400w+ im a dual 150'er and i wanna upgrade like no other, check my thread on power consumption, ull see why u should go big or go cfl.
  7. You can fit well more than 4 plants in 4x4 space. I've got a 3x3 flowering space and usually have between 4 and 6 plants. I use a 400w. If you want to fill a 4x4 space I'd recommend a 600w.
  8. Can you FIT that many in there? Yes sure, you could.

    I said that will fit about 4 plants at their PEAK, meaning not how many pots can I fit in here, but how many fully matures, bushed out plants can I have in here without blocking most, to all light penetration.

    I grow in a 3x3 as well, and there is no way that you could fit ANY more than 4 of my plants in there.

    this tent is 39x39x79 in this picture there is 4 regular plants, and 2 auto flowers. light didnt penetrate more than a few inches past the top canopy. all the plants were swished together, they couldnt grow outwards liek they wanted to. there is no possible way your going to fit 6 plants in there... unless I guess you arent growing such mammoth plants.

    an example .... here is one of my plants after 4 weeks of veg. do you really think that after 6 of these double, to triple in size during flower, they would still fit in that tent? No, no they wouldnt.

  9. I usually grow small bushy plants, and I can fit 6 plants in a 3x3 easily.
  10. I just finished building my second closet box and i am going with 1 150W MH in veg room and 1 150W HPS in flower room. each room is basically 2'x2'. i was thinking that LST was going to be my best bet but what is a realistic expectation for yield?

    Also i was curious if anyone has tried a 6hr on and 12hr off flowering schedule. i have read a lot about it and i think this would be the only way to achieve a 6 week harvest.
  11. grow about 8 autos you wont have to seperate the room dont have to worry about light leaks either.You would get about a pound if you plant them in 5 gallon pots.I use smart pots .i get 6 autos in a 2 x 4 space.so really you could get 10 in there pretty easy.

  12. Dude sorry to burst your bubble but you really do need to read more before starting to grow, how can someone possibly tell you the exact veg and flowering time if you don't even have a strain in mind. I suggest you read that little bit more then ask a few questions. Peace out and Good Luck !:smoke:
  13. post is like 5 months old, NBD.

    He could have had a harvest by now.
  14. Very true, sorry Im new and forget to check the post date's. My bad.

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