150w HPS: cost>$50 and some luck

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    I GOT MY 150W!! it didnt have a power cord tho!! :mad:
    i just spent an extra ten bucks and got one at home depot..
    its looks extra ugly with the ducttape but it works
    and no wires are held together with just tape..im not totally retarted lol
    heres my pricing list and pics:
    RAB 150w HPS light and bulb- $30.50
    http://www.prolighting.com/15hpsfl12wla.html[LINK TO SAME LIGHT ELSEWHERE]
    it comes with built in ballast and no sensor to cover or remove
    i bought a wire like this [minus the female end, 9']-$7
    it only had three wires that matched the light [black/white/green]
    i connected the wires of the light and plug/wire with wiring sleeves[$1
    they are rubber insulated with metal insides
    and then i sealed all the wires/sleeves up with duct tape so it doesnt move around
    ..and everything works! :hello: my ghetto 150w hps!

    from this>
    to this>
  2. u can use flood lights?
  3. it's $80 on that website now?
  4. i got it used
    the guy had a video of the light on but it came without a cord
    find ANY HID light that is 70 or 150w or something and wire it up!
    i suggest using a new bulb tho

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