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  1. So hey , this is my second grow. So anyway, im using black gold organic potting soil, natures nectar three part, with mollases sometimes . 3 gallon pot 1 plant lst. 150 w hps with 3 supplemental 23w cfl mixed specs. strain red hair skunk. dayy 10 into flower. im not sure if i have a problem or not but it seems as though some lower fan leaves are yellowing up on me im not sure if maybe its just due to the thick foilage, of if i have some kind of def. next water i will give some epsom salt and see where that takes me. so yea heres some pics let me know what you think. plant1.jpg




  2. looks pretty nice man, healthy looking flowers for day 10.

    i wouldnt worry about the yellowing, its natural and the leaves are pretty far from the light so its normal.
  3. cool thanks for the reply and ill keep updateing till harvest.
  4. i should also mention its not day 10 from when i switched to 12/12 its day 10 from conferming sex id say theyve been uder 12/12 for more like 20ish days.
  5. Subbed! I have been fumbling with the idea of getting a 150 watt hps so ill be following your's to see how the 150 does! Im currently using 4 68 watt cfl's so im wondering if it's worth switching from 272 watts of cfl to 150 watts of hps. Your plant looks awesome, and the yellowing can be normal (which is how it seems). Iv got my grow journal in my sig if you wanna check it out.
  6. i know a lot of people hate on the 150 and what not and say just get a 400 but for my space and other factors the 150, and conidering its just for person use, it actually does pretty decent for my needs. last grow was 2 blackberry in the same 10 gal pot no training w the 150 and same cfl side lighting and i got just shy of 2oz. dryed and cured. i also use those home grown co2 bags and they do seem to do the trick. with the 150 inthe winter my temps never got over 75 f. right now its hot here and im barely able to keep it around 89 f lights on 75 f lights off but it seems to be fine having the co2 in there. i also around half way through flowering keep the 150 2 to 3 inches from tops of plants with no issues.
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    so heres some pics from today gave plant 1/2 teaspoon of epsom salt per gal with last feeding didnt do much but overall they still look healthy to me besides the bottom yellowin still. anyone have any ideas of what the yellowing is and suggestions?





  8. Subbed! I got much love for the 150w growers!
  9. so heres the deal i figured since i was using only the 3 part npk natures nectar organci that the yellowing was due to to low micro nutes so i bought some maxi crop powder soluable and used it at quarter strength and it slightly burned my plants if you got any ideas let my newbie ass know asap. thanx yall and never stop blazin and f the gov.
  10. hey yall sry its been a while so a few weeks a go i started to to have some ph issues iv come to conclude that was the issue. also i transplanted bcuz i was in a 3 gal andwasnt sure if that was enough to finish so my girls been through a lot but hopefully she will make it to the end. she lost a lot of leaves and looks pretty bad but shes all i got and am moving in a month so ill just wait and see. i flushed her with 12 gals of 6.3 ph ed water then gave her light ph ed nutes ill post some pics in an hour. she still seems to be progressing but i wouldnt say thriving. so let me know what yall think.
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    will they make it another month they havnt been getting any worse in the last week what do yall think? in the start of this grow i was thinking i could get 3 oz but now ill be stoked with 1 oz. hit me back guys and gals
  12. You are going to get some natural yellowing of your lower fan leaves during flowering. It's nothing to stress over!
  13. thanx gd1966. i know that but im not sure that its natural bcuz since the beggining of flowering iv had problems that kept progressing til i flushed. this didnt happen my last grow and i know different strains, nuts and mediums maybe play a role but idk, im def no expert. any other opinions. also if they make it what are your guesses of harvested dry weight? 1 oz? 2 oz? maybe mo oz? haha im high.:smoke:
  14. dayy 44 of flower choppin on day 62 flower no matter what cause im moving, wish i could letem go longer though.






  15. Lookin' pretty solid to me, man! Keep up the good work!
  16. dayy 55 f;owering chopping on day 62
    heres what they look like now:




  17. Looks pretty funky to me!!
    Nice job

    Care to take a guess on total dry weight?
  18. imma say 1 oz.
  19. so i chopped the top half , looks pretty decent imma let the popcorn go a few more days. will post pics soon.
  20. I'm no expert by any means, but that sounds a little bit stressful on the plant to me. I'd just keep close watch that those popcorns don't hermie.

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