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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I finally got around to doing my own mini grow nothing fancy just a little personal grow to last the summer and a bit more I hope :smoke:

    GHS Super critical X 2
    150w CMH light
    20 litre pot
    Bio Bizz grow + bloom + last 3 weeks shooting powder (to fatten those bitches up)

    The were 18/6 for 41 days so around 6 weeks. I flipped the switch on the 1st so been in flowering for 10 days now.

    Would be happy with a couple oz! Not sure what to expect really. Will update more pics and shit when I get time, Have a look see what ya think and happy smoking! Peace.

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  2. Any comments on my grow?
  3. Some more pics I snapped this morning smelling good :)

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  4. Does anyone bother to comment on this site?
  5. Hahah sometimes...
  6. Can you snap a pic of the CMH light going? What's the lumen output? How has the plant responded to it?
  7. Will when my light comes back on mate, just gone off. The lumen output is 12,000 initial and 9,000 mean. Its less than a 150w HPS but the CRI is 92 for the CMH, a 150w HPS has a CRI of around 20. The plants have loved it, health nice colour and smell, quick to respond when put into flowering, have a look at the pics see what you think. All comments welcome.

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  8. They look good, you should throw some CFL's in there. It's like 7 dollars for a 3 pack and the extra watts would be more then worth the 7 dollars. Just my opinion
  9. Yeah good suggestion thanks. I wanted to get a few in there, the trouble is its a bit cramped in there all ready I keep bashing into shit trying to get to the screen. It also means I have to wire up a couple bulbs, make something to support them, It know it might sound lazy but I don't have a lot of spare time on my hands atm. Will definitely try to put some in there next grow though.
  10. The snap you wanted of the light mate.

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