150hps for my 2x2 tent. 12/12 from seed

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by RIghteous, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. A 150hps light with all the necessary equipment is $70 at htg supply right now.

    I need 50watts per sq feet, so this would be 50 watts less than ideal.

    But figuring in that i have a grow tent with reflective walls, and a reflector on the bulb itself this might do well.

    I currently have a 400watt hps and it makes the grow tent get up to 95*, even with 170cfm exhaust fan and wide passive air intakes in a 69* outside of tent temperature.

    I will be doing a 12/12 from seed grow. And the very nature of that kind of grow would not need light penetration as much as a veg/flower type grow, because there will be no foliage.

    Will a 150hps be significantly cooler than a 400hps? This is my main concern.
  2. hey man i am in the same boat as you...i got a 150 watt hps and a 400watt hps...they both create a good deal of heat and the only way i could figure around it was to use an air cooled hood or a cool tube...and it sounds like you already have a 4" fan so get a cool tube or aircooled hood and hook it up to that bitch:smoke:

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