150 watts more brite?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Arick, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. i just installed my new 250 watt HPS light, and i thought it would be a nice add on to my little grow room which as of now has a 150 watt hps light, well i turned the 250 watt on and it was WAY less brite but i thought hey it prolly just has to warm up so i left it for a day or so, its less than half as brite as the old 150 watt, is this normal? the 150 watt now looks like its puting off a much more brite whiteish light and the 250 watt is putting off a much more orange light like the 150 used to put out.... do the lights necome briter once they are used more?
  2. Not sure if this helps with your thread.

    But I started with a 70w HPS and added a 150w HPS a month later.

    Honestly looking at the two bulbs they are about the same size and just taking a peak that the light produced the 150 does not seem much brighter than the 70w either.

    But....that said, the 150w does throw much more heat. So with that im guessing even though my eyeball doesn't detect much, it is throwing more light.

    As for the color, both of my HPS lights give off a yellow, orange light. The plants seem to love it!

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